Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Walt Disney Collectors Society

With the last issue of Sketches the Walt Disney Collectors Society included a letter explaining that the company will no longer be supporting this society and that Sketches will cease publication. While I am sad to see it go, in a sense, I feel a sense of relief. Maybe I might be able to keep up with the few releases they have left! That being said - I was very excited to find that TJ Maxx has many Walt Disney Classic Collection pieces including the "beautiful dance among the stars".
The collectors society had two membership pieces. One in 2002 - "Won't You Smile For Me" Snow White (seen pictured in article) and again in 2009 - "Gleeful Grin" Dopey . For more detailed information and images of each piece look at Duckman's WDCC Inside Report.

Other Snow White Pieces:
1994 - Opening Title
1994 "Fairest of them All" Snow White
1995 - All dwarfs playing musical instruments: various names
1995 - Seven Dwarfs Cottage Enchanted Places
1995 "Take an Apple, Dearie" Hag
1995 Seven Dwarfs Jewel Mine Enchanted Places
1996 - Snow White Miniature to go with Enchanted Places
1996 - Dopey Miniature to go with Enchanted Places
1997 - "Bring Back her Heart" Queen
1997 - Enchanted Places Wishing Well
1997 - Grumpy Miniature
1998 - Doc Miniature
1998 - Happy Miniature
1998 - "A Kiss Brings Love Anew" Snow and Prince
1998 - Bashful Miniature
1999 - "Dancing Partners" Sneezy and Dopey
1999- "I'm Wishing for the One I Love" Snow White and Prince
1999- Sneezy Miniature
1999- Sleepy Miniature
1999- Snow White Ornament Set
1999 - Old Hag Miniature
2000 - "Enthroned Evil" Queen
2000 - Snow White Castle Ornament
2000- "Soups On"
2001 - Grumpy in Snow White Ride Car
2002 - "Bedazzled" Dopey
2003 - Snow White with Prince and Horse
2004 - "Evil to the Core" Hag and Cauldron
2004 - "Whistle While You Work" Snow White also the Dwarf Bench
2004 - Mine Dwarfs and Mine base and Wheel barrel
2005 - "Who's the Fairest of them All" Queen
2005 - Magic Mirror
2005 "The Gift of Friendship" Snow White
2006 - "Dance among the Stars" Snow White and Prince
2007- "A Sweet Send Off" Snow White and Dopey
2009 - Snow White Apple Ornament
2009 - "Now Begins Thy Magic Spell" Queen
2009 - "Sweet Temptation" Snow White
2009 - Dwarfs on Log

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrations: Discovering the Magic of WDW

At the D23 Expo I found out about Celebrations Press and their magazine celebrating Walt Disney World. I am a West coaster and a Disneyland passholder but this magazine won me over. (Don't get me wrong - I love visiting WDW - on the rare occasion I make it to the east coast). I had been saving up the issues to read during this winter vacation break and was pleasantly surprised to find information about Snow White! The November December 2009 issue featured Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs as the feature film. It had even included one fact I hadn't read before! Then the September/October 2009 issue informed me that a Beatles song "Do you want to know a secret?" is based on "I'm Wishing"! No wonder I love that Beatles song! I'll have to order the back issues and see what I have missed!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow White Sundae?

The Disney Food Blog has posted a menu from Disneyland's Carnation Cafe from 1962. Under the Fantasyland section - one can order the Snow White sundae.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Los Lobos and the Dwarfs in Epcot

Read the full article on the Disney Blog.

Printable Snow White has lots of fun goodies at their print station. You can print bookmarks, Photo frames, coloring sheets, and a weekly planner (Timetable). There is one for each dwarf, the prince, Snow White, and some for the Hag and the Queen. Enjoy!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Muppet Christmas

I know, I know, two posts in a row not related to Snow White - just spreading the Holiday Cheer.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Walt Disney Holiday

The Walt Disney Family Museum is showing a special film this month: "Christmas with Walt Disney." Would love to be close enough to stop by and see (DVD anyone?). To see more or get tickets see the website.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snow White Live Documentary

Snow White Live full documentary has been posted on YouTube. It is fun to watch and learn about this forgotten gem. Disney has found success with Broadway shows. This Live show proceeded them all. Snow White played at Radio City Music Hall in New York in 1979. In 1980 a pay-TV special aired and then was release on video. It aired on The Disney Channel in 1987.

Monday, November 16, 2009

J.B. Kaufman on Snow White

Ran across this interview with J.B. Kaufman. Part 1 focuses on the Blu-ray and part 2 discusses advancements made during the film's creation. Some of the questions seem a little silly to this fan, but interesting none the less. J.B. Kaufman has written several books about Disney history including the new South of the Border with Disney. I got to see him talk at the D23 expo this September. Here is an article from Animation World Network by J.B. Kaufman about the music in the Silly Symphonies (he wrote a book about this topic too).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snow White and the Seven Topiary

Topiary have been a specialty of the Disney Horticulturists for years. The Disney Theme Park Blog has posted a blog about the Children's Miracle Network Classic at Walt Disney World this weekend. The Palm and Magnolia golf courses have various topiary featuring many favorite characters: pictures on the Blog show Snow and all the Dwarfs.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day and what better day to discuss Disney's military efforts by creating insignia for American and Allied units. Disney created over 1,200 insignias during World War Two. Donald was the most requested character but many other characters and new designs were used including all seven dwarfs. In fact there was an entire "Snow White" Squadron.
Here are some recommendations for reading: Disney Dons Dogtags: The Best of Disney Military Insignia from World War II by Walton Rawls (Abbeville, 1992), National Air Force Museum Website, and the Toons at War Blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disney Inn

The Golf Resort in Disney World was renamed and redecorated and remodeled in 1986 with a Snow White theme and give the new name the Disney Inn. Sleepy was part of the logo as seen in the photo of the stationary.
According to The Disney way by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, the change was made because wives who were making the reservation for the family trip saw the word golf and avoided that hotel. Thus, the hotel was not getting the capacity the other were recieving.
.In 1994 it changed again to a military hotel (Shades of Green) and has since been torn down.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Snow White and the Seven Gangsters

On April 24, 1938 Jack Benny did his version: Snow White and the Seven Gangsters. You can listen to the radio show at the following podcast. It was so popular they redid it again on January 8, 1939 - listen here. The programs are funny and play with the songs made popular by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For example: "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it's off to rob a bank we go." Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lasseter and Snow White

Pixar has posted their Halloween 2009 pictures on Facebook. One features John Lasseter talking to Snow White - hmmm... wonder what that conversation was about...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walt Disney Classics Collection

With 2009 coming rapidly to an end, it was time for me to finally get this years membership piece for the Walt Disney Classics Collection. This year the membership piece is Dopey. You can sign up here. Snow White was the membership piece in 2002. If you are looking for information on the Walt Disney Classics Collection pieces of the past check out this website. There are two other member pieces this year. The Snow White ornament and the Evil Queen and Raven.

Monday, November 2, 2009

One of My Favorite Stories

During the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs some ink and paint girls thought that Snow White was too pale against her hair. They determined that she would look better with gray highlights and rouge. When Walt Disney questioned if the girls were qualified to make these changes someone replied that they had already had lots of practice applying make up every day. Bravo ladies, Bravo.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Snow White Live!

In 1979 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became the first Disney animated movie to be created into a live stage show featured at Radio City Music Hall. The show was seen on HBO in 1980, appeared on Disney Channel in 1987 as Snow White Live. This clip and more can be found on

In 1979 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became the first Disney animated movie to be created into a live stage show featured at Radio City Music Hall. The show was seen on HBO in 1980, appeared on Disney Channel in 1987 as Snow White Live. This clip and more can be found on

Dreams Come True Art Exhibit

From November 15, 2009 to March 10, 2010 the New Orleans Museum of Art will be hosting an exhibit entitled Dreams Come True featuring artwork from Disney's Silly Symphonies, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleepy Beauty, Little Mermaid, and, of course, Princess and the Frog. The museum will be the exclusive location of this exhibit and the museum is hosting screenings of most of the films. Snow White was shown on Oct 3 and 4. For additional information about the exhibit see the website. The museum gift shop is selling the catalog from the exhibit entitled Dreams Come True: Art of the Classic Fairy Tales from the Walt Disney Studio by Lella Smith.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disney Gift Card

While at Disneyland this weekend I saw the Evil Queen Disney gift card and now Disney Gift Card has their own website. There are four other designs dedicated to my favorite movie. Snow White kissing Dopey, Snow White and her prince, the seven dwarfs, and one of Snow White herself. These are all sold on the website as well as at Disneyland and Disney World properties. Happy Shopping!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Disney Fine Art

Disney Fine Art

More Halloween Time at Disneyland

Finally made it to Disneyland early enough in the day to get a fast past to ride Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. A spooky soundtrack combined with projections of ghosts made the attraction feel quite a bit faster. Fun concept.

We spent some time in the shops and found some 'new' merchandise. Main Street's Disneyana shop had the Snow White fountain - it is from a series where each princess is sitting by a fountain. Snow White's fountain is the wishing well. If I am remembering correctly, it was $75.

There also were a few figures from the Walt Disney Collectors Collection that I hadn't seen before. Snow White about to bite the apple (I don't remember the retail on that) and the Dwarfs on their way home ($999). The Dwarfs are all walking across the fallen log bridge with Dopey lagging behind. It was really quite the piece.

While they are not new, the Hag and Snow White bust by Grand Jester Studio were also in the World of Disney shop for $65 and $60 respectively.

There were two books in the stores that I hadn't seen. Windows on Main Street Discover the Real Stories of the Talented People Featured on the Windows of Main Street, USA by Chuck Snyder and Disneyland Challenge; $6.95 and $12.95 respectively. Both are published by Disney Editions with a D23 logo.

Disney Gift Card had one of the Evil Queen - same logo that is used on the Halloween logos. Not sure if a Hag was available or not. Driving home I spotted several of the billboards for the park that featured that same artwork. Glad to see the Queen and the Hag taking center stage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards Snow White Ornament

Today I received my Snow White 2009 Limited Edition Ornament from the Disney Rewards Club. I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly it came. The ornament features each dwarf in a wreath with Snow White dangling in the middle. It is not particularly expensive looking but it was a reasonable amount of points. The back of Snow White says "Disney Movie Rewards Limited Edition 750 2009"

I look forward to getting more rewards over time. I have been very impressed with the efforts the club has been making of late. Many of the emails have bonus point scavenger hunts. Sometimes it is just a matter of reading to the bottom of the email and other times there are very simple hunts where you watch video clips or find clues on various movie websites. Additionally, the club is offering a contest to give away prizes from peoples wish lists and will offer double bonus point days! Bravo Disney Movie Rewards!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time

Halloween is coming up soon and it's time to start planning what to carve our pumpkins as. I think this year my pumpkin will be Snow White of course. Check out the directions here from Disney

Friday, October 16, 2009

Disney Symphonic Legacy

Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA will present the Disney Symphonic Legacy on Oct 20. It will feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: a Symphonic Legacy featuring Ashley Brown (played Mary Poppins in the Broadway show. It will also include playings of music from Nightmare, Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, and Pirates. For information see website.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards

Three new Snow White related items has shown up in the reward program. A 2009 limited ornament (850 points), a crystal apple on a rosewood base (2,100 points), and a dwarf plush set (2,300 points). Should I keep saving to get the Deluxe Private Studio tour for 20,00 points or go ahead and redeem points many DVD's do you have to buy to reach 20,000? At about 100 pints a DVD only about 2,000. Maybe I'll go ahead an redeem now.

Aaah-Choo! has a Sneezy game on their website. You can play as one of the six dwarfs left and you must get to Sneezy before time runs out while avoiding obstacles. While game play is slow and it is difficult to tell where the objects are in the space, it's a cute game. Play Aaah-Choo!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Time at Disneyland

It's Halloween time at Disneyland Resort and I am proud to report that the Queen and Hag are a central part of the theme. The two banners pictured here are around the Downtown Disney area and are featured on the billboards around Southern California. Additionally, the ladies are also featured on the park maps - the Hag on Disneyland and the Queen on Disney's California Adventure.
I went last night to view the Halloween Spooktaular Firework Show. After a period of indecision (due to winds at higher elevations) the fireworks went off. Zero flies above the castle and the music features "This is Halloween," "What's This?" "Grim Grinning Ghosts," "Poor Unfortunate Souls," "Trust in Me," "Cruella De Ville," as well as music from Hook, Chernabog's Theme Song, and Frollo's song From Hunchback. All in all a very fun show - not scary - but just right theming for Disney. More to come about Halloween time.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney Insider Article

The newest issue of the Disney Insider (the email newsletter) features an article on Marge Champion.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Give a Day get a Disney Day

This program, that was announced this week, will begin next year. Check out the Disney Park Blog for additional details. The theme park page has some additional information but it won't become active until January 1, 2010. Good for Disney to encourage people to make the world a better place. I am curious the availability and type of volunteer opportunities and the when/where they will occur. Have to wait for more details. You can sign up now to be on the email list for updates. The image came from the prize generator at the Muppet promotional website.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today I made it down to Hollywood to pay my first visit to El Capitan Theatre. The current feature film is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After having a shake at the soda fountain and buying all the released Snow White pins - it was time for the show. The theater really is a great building, and the organ is massive. I was a little disappointed that the stage show prior to show time was just Snow White (no dwarfs- or any other characters) and the popcorn buckets weren't special for the feature. It is amazing that a film that is over 70 years old can capture an audience still - adults and children. I was sitting next to a father who had brought a group of girls - each dressed as a different princess - and he was laughing out loud as Grumpy was being forced to wash.
Although Hollywood isn't very far at all to travel, I generally avoid the area, as what should only be a short car trip often quickly turns into an hour voyage on the southern California freeways. It was fun to see the movie in this setting and while I would enjoy seeing another feature there - it will probably be a while.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blu-ray Website

The new Snow White Blu-ray Website is very animated (ha! ha!) and includes down loadable backgrounds and email signatures (seen here is one). After a cute promo video you can explore the areas, find the 15 hidden diamonds and unlock the diamond mine where you can download the locked characters things as well as a certificate to be the "eight dwarf" and a chart that shows the dwarfs names in a variety of languages.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to Do?

Disney store is pre-ordering the Diamond Edition 2-Disc Blu-ray DVD. So many options. The Limited Edition 17 inch doll set appears to have sold out. So now there are three options: the Limited Edition Collectors set (with book, Lithograph set, and pin set), the Book and DVD combo, or the Plush and DVD combo.
Let's just be honest - I don't need the plush. So I'm torn between the collectors set or the book/DVD. But spending $189.99 or $49.99, for the collector set or the book set respectively, maybe it isn't really a choice...
I remember when the video was released in 1994 and then later the DVD was released in 2001. All the stores were given gifts when you pre-ordered: lithographs, buttons, and even pogs (remember that fad?). Now it seems we could by the limited edition doll for $99 and get the DVD as the bonus. My how times have changed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disney Family .com

At the Disney Expo, handed out cutie Mickey and Minnie foldables and prince/princess crowns. These were so cute I had to check out what else was on the website. I love the Snow White Printable. The skirt of her dress folds so that she stands. I just have to find the right card stock to print out. I also found these Magic Mirror Invitations. They print as two separate sheets - the outside of the mirror and a page to glue inside that invites you to the Princess Birthday Party. There is a whole page of Snow White inspired crafts as well.
While it's not snow white, I also love the Hitchhiking Ghosts. I thought I remember seeing the Toy Story martian at the expo but I can't find him on the website. Anyone had any luck?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fairest of All

Disney Publishing has released Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen by Serena Valentino. The book is for young adults and follows the Evil Queen's journey. I haven't read the book yet, but the cover art is fabulous. The Evil Queen is on the dust jacket and on the hardcover book is the Hag. Can't wait to read it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Walt & El Groupo

Walt & El Groupo looks into a difficult period of time for the Disney Studios. The South American goodwill tour produced two features: Saludos Amigos and the Three Caballeros.
This film was beautifully done. I loved the way the film makers tied the vintage photos, film footage, and images from today. There were fabulous shots of beautiful inspiration art work (including many of Mary Blair's developing signature style). I learned a lot I didn't know from this film. Any Disney fan will enjoy the the history and art featured throughout. Plus, we each got a great pin featuring the movie poster (It is limited edition 1,000).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Snow White Expo Merch

Another post about D23. The Snow White Swag from the expo.

These two pins are the exclusive Snow White pins realsed at the expo earlier this month. The Dopey pin was sold in a box (mystery pin style). This pin is 7 out of 10 and Limited Release. The Snow White and Dwarf Pin is the Artist Choice pin released on Saturday of the expo. Artist Tyler Dumas edition size of 1500.

The magnet on the right side was given as a promotional item to celebrate the upcoming release of the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray and DVD. I believe there was also a tote bag given out - but I didn't get one of those.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday at the D23 Expo

Sunday morning we were in the expo are at 8:00 am and immediately joined the line waiting for the future of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation talk with John Lasseter. Well, I should say my brother waited in line and I shopped. We had decided to leave the cell phones and cameras in the hotel rather than turn them in. To turn them in, you filled out an information card, put that, the electronics, and ID in a bag to redeem after the show. After having bags checked and going through the metal detecting security – we entered the area. Crammed into the bottom show floor we waited for an hour and a half. Lucky I had foreseen this and had copies E-Ticket with us to read and had some great conversation with neighbors.

The presentation began by showing the opening of Toy Story 2 in 3D. John talked about the upcoming double feature and Toy Story 3. Some announcements were made about what actor was lending voices (although not what character they were) with the exception of the return of Barbie and the debut of Ken. My favorite part of the whole presentation was seeing the lost footage of the Ken interview that was cut short due to the interviewers insinuation that perhaps Ken was not as manly as he believes he is (due primarily to the fact that he is a girls toy and Barbie’s name is so much larger than Kens on Ken’s box). We also heard about Cars 2, Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, and naturally, The Princess and the Frog. We were also treated to premieres of shorts inspired by Cars.

Once the presentation ended we joined the mass of people trying to exit. Luckily we had no phone to pick up so we were able to maneuver out with out waiting in line and make it to The Muppets Presentations. There we were told all about the upcoming events for the Muppets and treated to some content made just for D23. The best part? They gave away prizes! Everyone got a bracelet- but the raffle prizes were really quite nice. Sam appeared in Muppet (can’t say in person – can I?) and guests could wait to meet Fonzie and Gonzo – Kermit was on location at the VMA’s.

After the presentation we went back down to the hall to meet Wall-e and see Lucky again. We also got some more autographs from artists featured in the upcoming Art of Disney Princess Book. I also spent some time in the vendor area – rejoining the NFFC, buying back issues of magazines (Laughing Place, Tomart’s, and E-Ticket – we will miss you!) I have to shout out to the Laughing Place. I was missing issue 1 after buying all the back issues and I ended up winning one! That made my day.

I didn’t end up buying that much for the collection – just a Happy/Grumpy Cast Member Lanyard and the Dopey expo pin released Thursday that I had missed. I am sure there was more collectables earlier in the expo – but I waited to long. Which is fine, I certainly already did enough damage.

We had planned on staying through the Toy Story presentations but by 5pm we realized that driving home and going to work on Monday was be way to difficult, so as the voice of Disneyland announced that there was some confusion about the line and that people in line should call people not in the building to come back in, we left.

Can’t wait till next year.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday at D23 Expo

On Saturday I spent the morning on the show floor. The Snow White pin I wanted was released and I had decided to just do all my shopping that morning. After getting in line at 7:45, I got my voucher (It was a good thing what I wanted wasn’t LE 500 – those vouchers were gone already). When I got into the store around 8:30, I casually shopped around. When I was done, I turned the corner to pay and found a huge line! Well, I don’t remember how long I was in line for, but I am thankful I had my iPod as I watched an entire episode of Psych and still had leftover time. Silly me, Even with my past experience as a cast member, you would think I would remember that the pin fans are ser-i-ous!

I then went to the consumer products area to collect all the freebies, enter all the contests, and check out all the promos I could. There wasn’t a ton of stuff, but there were some great displays. I fell in love with the plush Pook-a-Looz (coming to Toys R Us soon) and the art of the Disney Princess Book and Couture line (pre-ordering book on amazon!)

While in line at the dream store I had the made the decision to forgo Imagineering Disney Parks in the D23 area in order to make it the Snow White panel (my true love…). I heard from others that it was impossible to make it from the area to the upstairs area quickly. We (my brother joined me for the rest of the weekend) went back up the third floor and the Snow White panel was great. Truly great animators were there, two great historians, and the live action model for Snow White shared her memories of being 14 and posing for the original animators. I loved the footage they showed – some of which will be on the new release.

We then went to show floor to explore. The Park and Resort pavilion was done right! Oh course there was a que line, a preview show movie, and a really cool entrance! The Cars land display was amazing but we totally fell in love with the audio animatronics display. We waited in line to meet Lucky the Dinosaur. That was so amazing! When is Disney bringing this technology to Disneyland? After wandering around the displays about Hong Kong, the upcoming Alaskan cruises, and Hawaiian resorts we left the pavilion.

The technology pavilion was where you could take a picture with the electrical parade turtle. I love that parade and it was a great idea to have him there with the photographers. (Love the photo pass idea and that there was always two cast members – one to take the photo pass picture and one to use your camera.) I tried out the Toy Story Mania Wii game – I had been highly anticipating that as I adore the attraction, but I was not impressed with the demo…we’ll see about that. The 3D technology showing the previews really was amazing. was giving out the cutest paper crafts and I can not wait to print out more at home!

After dinner we headed back for the Garibaldi show and the auction. I was so surprised at how few people were there. Even the auction bidders area wasn’t full. The art show was very interesting. That type of art is not in my style but Garibaldi is an undeniable talent. It was quite amazing to watch him work.

There were several items not sold in the auction but the items I would want – but couldn’t afford – naturally sold. The Snow White Wedding Dress and Diamond Bracelet went for $1,400 and $2,800 respectively. Of course the crowd favorite was the Peter Pan ride vehicle, which went for $35,000. I, along with all the other fans, wanted lot D23- the archive and studio tour with the fabulous Dave Smith ($13,000).

After the auction concluded we headed right up for the Sleeping Beauty panel and sat across the aisle from Tony Baxter (who waited in line with everyone else – bravo to him). The panel was fun to listen to and they had some neat things to share. What a great day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday night at D23 Expo

I arrived Friday evening, checked into my hotel (bravo for having such an efficient check-in), and walked directly over the convention hall. Big banners indicated the D23 expo with varies blue sketch characters hung down to show the entrance (although those were not the unlocked doors the rest of the weekend). Upon entering the entire hall I was surprised to see it was filled with electronic ticket check-in counters – and many of them were staffed. The convention center staff scanned the ticket, gave me my silver wristband, guidebook, and tote bag, warned me not to loose my wrist band as it would cost to replace it, and then sent me on my way.

Now like most fans, I had downloaded the guidebook days before and had already poured over the details of the schedule. But something happened when I got that printed book in my hand – I totally forgot my well laid plan and began to wander. I walked right into the main exhibit hall and was amazed at how large the hall is. The D23 welcome area greeted you first and beyond that you could see the colorful resort entrance. I immediately began just wandering around looking at everything. I was headed toward the dream store when I stopped myself and thought- Think! You did all that preplanning and you specifically checked into the hotel and rushed it over here to see a panel. So I regrouped and headed upstairs.

I think of myself as a mama bear fan. I’m not quite as avid a collector as many are but what I have isn’t anything to sneeze at. Additionally, while I won’t be winning any prizes in trivia I’ve read enough to get a few tough ones right. My interests lie primarily in vintage Disney history, Disneyland, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Thus, most of the panels and presentations I choose surrounded on that.

As I rode the escalator up, I was surprised to see lines everywhere. I had hoped that this would not be the case. Upon asking a cast member, I discovered the many lines were in fact one line that twisted and turned down the hall. The cast members were guarding it quite well because of all the breaks that had to be included for crossing (they moved that que line to another area the next days – bravo whoever made that call).

So the first panel I went to was We Make the Music panel in the Storytellers Theater. The panelists were discussing the different attractions and areas that they had created music for. My favorite presenter discussed Space Mountain. He had a natural storytelling ability and really gave us a feel for what it was like. The panel went over the time (many, if not most, things did) so I had to leave before he was done to make it to the next panel.

The Disney Rarities was full when I arrived, but the cast member in charge, bless her heart, allowed us to stand in the back. It was well worth it in my opinion. We were treated with seeing a WWII training film for the Canadians, a informational film (featuring the dwarfs) on preventing malaria, a fantasia inspired short One by One, the Salvador Dali inspired piece from original artwork (yup- it’s odd), another fantasia inspired short featuring a Argentinean cat tormented by his tango partner tail – I can’t remember the cat’s name, and finally a Mickey cartoon that had never been seen – featuring Mickey as a talent agent for a opera sinning bee with a weakness for flowers.

The show floor had already closed but the archive exhibit stayed open until seven. I was able to walk and see items from Walt’s desk, original Pinocchio maquettes, Julie Andrew’s Mary Poppin’s dress, and Herbie. It was quiet and very few people were about so it was great to just wander around and enjoy the displays.

I left then to go get some dinner and returned to see the Walt & El Groupo panel. I can not wait to see this film. The history that was discussed was so lovingly researched that you couldn’t help but know that this film is gonna be great. The Saludos Amigos screening after was fun to watch in a whole new light after the panel had explained so much about the details of the movie’s origins.

After the screening I spent some time looking over the displays around the Walt Disney Studio Theater. I really think the displays were meant to be seen at night. The Tron light cycle looked alive at night. Alice and Wonderland took on a whole new dimension, and the dragon from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice looked magical.

I headed back in for the screening of the Shaggy Dog. This was where I felt the first misstep in my D23 experience was. The panel consisted of two people and they never sat on the stage to talk – it was just a quick introduction and a quick shout out. I enjoyed watching the movie but was especially disappointed after seeing such great discussions previously.