Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Walt Disney Collectors Society

With the last issue of Sketches the Walt Disney Collectors Society included a letter explaining that the company will no longer be supporting this society and that Sketches will cease publication. While I am sad to see it go, in a sense, I feel a sense of relief. Maybe I might be able to keep up with the few releases they have left! That being said - I was very excited to find that TJ Maxx has many Walt Disney Classic Collection pieces including the "beautiful dance among the stars".
The collectors society had two membership pieces. One in 2002 - "Won't You Smile For Me" Snow White (seen pictured in article) and again in 2009 - "Gleeful Grin" Dopey . For more detailed information and images of each piece look at Duckman's WDCC Inside Report.

Other Snow White Pieces:
1994 - Opening Title
1994 "Fairest of them All" Snow White
1995 - All dwarfs playing musical instruments: various names
1995 - Seven Dwarfs Cottage Enchanted Places
1995 "Take an Apple, Dearie" Hag
1995 Seven Dwarfs Jewel Mine Enchanted Places
1996 - Snow White Miniature to go with Enchanted Places
1996 - Dopey Miniature to go with Enchanted Places
1997 - "Bring Back her Heart" Queen
1997 - Enchanted Places Wishing Well
1997 - Grumpy Miniature
1998 - Doc Miniature
1998 - Happy Miniature
1998 - "A Kiss Brings Love Anew" Snow and Prince
1998 - Bashful Miniature
1999 - "Dancing Partners" Sneezy and Dopey
1999- "I'm Wishing for the One I Love" Snow White and Prince
1999- Sneezy Miniature
1999- Sleepy Miniature
1999- Snow White Ornament Set
1999 - Old Hag Miniature
2000 - "Enthroned Evil" Queen
2000 - Snow White Castle Ornament
2000- "Soups On"
2001 - Grumpy in Snow White Ride Car
2002 - "Bedazzled" Dopey
2003 - Snow White with Prince and Horse
2004 - "Evil to the Core" Hag and Cauldron
2004 - "Whistle While You Work" Snow White also the Dwarf Bench
2004 - Mine Dwarfs and Mine base and Wheel barrel
2005 - "Who's the Fairest of them All" Queen
2005 - Magic Mirror
2005 "The Gift of Friendship" Snow White
2006 - "Dance among the Stars" Snow White and Prince
2007- "A Sweet Send Off" Snow White and Dopey
2009 - Snow White Apple Ornament
2009 - "Now Begins Thy Magic Spell" Queen
2009 - "Sweet Temptation" Snow White
2009 - Dwarfs on Log

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