Sunday, October 30, 2016

Updates from Month of October

Wow, it's hard to believe that October is coming to a close.  What are you going to be for Halloween?  There have been a lot of great things out there about Snow White this month - check it out:

Lou Mongello on WDW Radio discussed moments in Disney history they wish they were a part of and I totally agree with one of them (being a huge Snow White fan and all).

Filmic Light had some fantastic posts about fabulous Snow White items that I must scour e-bay for now:
Vintage Italian Cuccu books by Salani
1990's Wrist Watches (I knew Disney Store was trying to bankrupt me in the 90's with the sheer volume of collectibles)
Spanish Sticker Collectors Album
A really interseting Montreal Newspaper article
A beautiful Bertelli Calendar
If Doc Brown ever stops by with a time machine I'm going back in time and ordering all the jewelry in this catalog!
These Snow White Aluminium sets are fantastic
These Post Toastie masks do show up on ebay from time to time
This snow globe is fascinating - I would have never guessed Disney would make merchandise of this scene - the one that terrified children in the movie theater.
Check out the special box made for the exhibit at the Walt Disney family museum.

I mentioned there might be an upcoming Snow White book a while ago - Didier Ghez posted about his upcoming projects which include Snow White interviews Volume 1.

WDW Fan Zone asked which Disney character you'd pick for president - Snow White was one of the ones suggested but I might vote for a package deal on the dwarfs!

This Fairy Tale Life had a look at the new 2017 Princess bridal gowns - including the updated Snow White.

Steve Thompson posted an adorable Snow White for #inkober

Disney Visa by Chase posted an article on where to meet our favorite princess in the Magic Kingdom.

Disney Style felt that Snow White's wishing well is a great place for instagram photos.  I love that spot in the park - it might be one of my favorite spots in Disneyland.

Long before there was instagram, people have been snapping photos there - here is a vintage shot of the Snow White wishing well area.

Check out this vintage theme park Sleepy!

If you had asked me ten years ago, I would have said there was no way I'd be a Hot Topic regular costumer - check out these shirts though - how can I not be?

Still trying to figure out what to do with your squad for Halloween?  Check out this post by Disney Style.

Or if you are going solo for Halloween - find your costume according to your sign here.

Disney Parks Blog posted pictures of dogs in costumes - that's just awesome in of itself - but check out the evil queen and Snow White - so cute!

Ashley Taylor drew a fabulous Disney Doodle of the evil queen.

You have to get over to Wonderground Gallery next month to check out Gregg Visintainer Poison Apple art.  It is amazing!  I love how the designs are actually hidden images.  I've bought quite a few of his pieces.

I recently was very excited about the Snow White Jamberry nail wraps - well now there are Evil Queen wraps!

Feeling crafty?  How about making this poison apple card?

D23 had three articles this month - all of which are in a member only area and I can't link them for you here:
* Get a Wildly Wicked Look inside Disney Villains
* 13 Characters that Makes our Spine Tingle
* 13 Classically Creepy Disney Park Attractions

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Disney Movie Rewards

A while ago I finally decided to spend a few of my Disney Movie Rewards points on an exclusive poster by Eric Tan.  The package came and I am so glad I got this poster.  It is really beautify and printed on really high quality paper.  I already framed the print and am looking forward to finding somewhere to hang it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kevin and Jody in Pop!

Pop Comics in Anaheim is currently running a special gallery with the works of Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily .  If you are not familiar with these artists names, you are certainly familiar with their work!  Check out Kevin's blog, the Tumbler, and this article on Disney Parks Blog.

The Comic book shop is a really nice one and is located in a fun downtown area (right by a building owned by Disney too).  I took some pictures of some of the things on display when I was there.  (The displays will be changing as items sell).
I was so excited to see this prototype - I own one of the final pieces.

This was a great piece too - a replica of the sign outside the attraction the first few years at Disneyland.  The red dot meant it was sold.
 Here are a few more pictures - not Snow White related but very cool!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

New England Review

I few months ago I received a copy of the New England Review (Volume 37 Number 1) that features an article by Todd James Pierce.  It is a really nice read focusing on the the development and release of Snow White with lots of quotes from Ward Kimball.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Updates for the Month of September

In an effort to keep everyone up to date; here is a list of links to articles this month that talked about Snow White related things.  Enjoy!

Check out this article about a UCLA professor who helped Shanghi Disneyland recreate many iconic costumes, including an amazing Snow White!

According the the New York Post, you can stay in a Snow White style cottage in LA - I would fact check the rumor about it being inspiration to the film, but it is interesting to look at.

As always, Filmic Light featured some great items including:
Moon Cake Tins
Art Deco Evil Queen

Steve Thompson, Disney artist, posted an adorable Snow White!

Andres Dejas wrote a tribute to Fred Moore to celebrate his birthday and included some great concept art of the two of our favorite dwarfs!

In true Disney fashion, September means Halloween and All Ears blog has a feature about Halloween time at Disneyland and the return of the poison apple mug.  All Ears also made it out to Paris for the first Run Disney event out there and was able to snap some photos of the upcoming Dopey challenge medal.  Not sure I'm ever gonna earn one of those!

WDW Fan Zone made it out to the US open where Disney Princess had some promotions going on - including a custom Snow White tennis racket cover.

One of my favorite finds this month comes from Daveland Blog.  This 1956 photo is of a cutout of Dopey at Disneyland that guests could stick their head in!

Disney Animation Television posted a short (micro-short) promo video featuring Sleepy.

Over on Tumbler Poison Apple a Day posted a beautiful cuckoo clock by Kevin and Jody and a picture of Snow White and Michael Jackson.

TouringPlans blog featured an article on the history of the Carthay Circle Theater.

Over on Disney Style Blog three have been lots of new posts:
A fall inspired Snow White Disney Bound
New purses were a big theme - some here and here
Alex and Ani bracelets featured a Snow White version
Hallmark has a new line of Princess items - I wonder if Snow White will be on anything?
Disney Style wondered what designers would the Evil Queen wear

The Los Angeles Times had an article about a former character cast member who wanted to be Dopey.

WDW Radio did a podcast about the top 10 moments they wished they could have seen in Disney History.  I agree with one of them for sure!

The Disneyland Alumni club had a few fun articles about Snow White in their newsletter, but I don't think it available to the general public.  Check out their website though.

Alright, that's it for the month of September!  Welcome Fall.