Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Shopping Guide for the Snow White Fan

Looking for the perfect gift for the Snow White fan in your life?  Here are a few of my favorite things available from on-line retailers just in time for Cyber Monday...
For the Snow White curmudgeon in your life: This Grumpy "welcome" statue is available from Kmart.  I think the irony is fun - it is hard to see, but Grumpy has crossed out Welcome and written "Go Away".
For the inner princess Snow White fan in your life: Dress up as Snow White any day of the week?  Yes, please!  From Hot Topic.

For the Snow White crafter in your life: This fabric is fleece and it's among the cutest prints I have ever seen.  Super easy to make a no sew blanket with. Joann's
For the Christmas loving Snow White Fan in your life:  This Snow white ornament is just the most adorable, isn't it?  From Toys R Us.

For the small Snow White fan in your life:  This bow is just too cute! From Hot Topic.

For the sophisticated Snow White fan in your life: Who wouldn't love a pot of tea from this?  Fantastic!  From Hot Topic.

For the winter weather Snow White fan in your life: This beanie will keep her ears warm and her heart full of hope.  From Hot Topic.

For the bookworm Snow White fan in your life:  I think these are just awesome.  While they have taken some artistic license and added Snow White to this iconic scene, it would still look great on my, I mean your bookworm's bookshelf. From Bradford Exchange.

For the Snow White couch potato in your life: Dress up that couch with this throw pillow.  from Disney Store.

For the addicted to their phone Snow White fan in your life:  Give the gift of Tsum Tsum!  These guys will make anyone look up from their phone and smile! From Disney Store  

The difficult to buy for Snow White fan in your life: Can't figure out what to get?  A Disney Gift Card!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Finding Snow White in Magic Kingdom

With the recent changes in Fantasyland, Snow White has a whole new presence in the Magic Kingdom.  Of course, I'm talking about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!  I love this ride.  The imagineers did such a great job combining the fun of a roller coaster with the classic dark ride.

It is totally worth the wait!
This was the only picture I took on the attraction.  I recommend just enjoying the ride!
 Other than this headline attraction, where else can you find Snow White references?  
* The Emporium has classic Disney windows.  Be sure to check out the Snow White window.  
* If you visit Fairy Tale Hall in Fantasyland, be sure to find Snow White's portrait and book.  
* When watching wishes, listen for Snow White's wish.  
* At one time there was a photo op in exposition hall on main street, but I do not believe it is still there.

The last places to find Snow White is Sir Mickey's and the Emporium for...pennies!  

Penny in Sir Mickey's in Fantasyland

Quarter in the Emporium on Main Street

Finding Snow White in Epcot

Snow White has found a home in Germany's pavilion in Walt Disney World's Epcot.  There are several things that can be found throughout the pavilion:
Here is the wishing well where Snow White does the meet and greet.  This is located at the edge of the pavilion coming from China.

This stein is one of the few things I found in terms of merchandise that can not be bought anywhere else.  (same for the two t-shirts).  All from Stein Haus.

This great piece will set you back over $200

This is the display in Der TeddyBar.  Lots of generic Snow White merchandise available, but nothing exclusive to Disney World.
 The only other Snow White references that I could find in Epcot was the chocolate sculpture for the Food and Wine Festival and a smashed penny.

Trying to collect all seven dwarfs in Disney World smashed pennies is a challenge, they are spread out all over.  Doc is located in the land pavilion by the Garden Grill.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Throwback photo: Disney Store Plush

I recently ran across this photo and just had to share:

Years ago, the Disney Store sold giant dwarfs - all seven of them.  I knew I had to have them!  One of my dad's co-workers had one of those magic Disney cast member discount cards (her husband worked for the company) and she was my father's go to for getting any must have materials for his dear daughter.  Apparently she went out to the Disney Store on her lunch break looking for the giant dwarfs, not realizing how very giant they were.  After several trips to her car, she had gotten all seven for me.  Then she made several more trips and brought them all upstairs in their office conference room and set them up.  When the team got together for their next meeting, there was already one in progress!  My dad snapped the picture to show me.  Note that Bashful is running the show.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finding Snow White at the Food and Wine Festival

Last month I was fortunate enough to explore the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  Inside the festival center, Ghirardelli has a chocolate experience.  Inside the area were several chocolate sculptures including one of the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  These sculptures are amazing!  It is hard to believe they are made out of chocolate!