Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Adventures of Tsum Tsum Snow White

When I first saw the Tsum Tsum Snow White line, I bought them within minutes.  When I saw them again in person in the Disney Store -  I did an unusual thing for me, I bought a second Snow White.  I decided she would be like a mascot for this blog and travel around with me.  So here are some of Tsum Snow White's adventures from the first half of 2015:
Tsum Snow traveled to the San Diego Zoo this winter.

Where's Tsum Snow?  Can you spot her?

I love how the Koala is looking right at her.

Tsum Snow waiting for a show to start at the Segerstrom Theater in Costa Mesa

Tsum Snow spending some time in Downtown Disney

Deciding which apple to get as a snack from the bakery

Tsum Snow was excited to see Avengers

And Inside Out!

Tsum Snow wishing she was going into the Theme Parks

Trying to get a sneak peak at the Tomorrowland premiere
Waiting for the tram ride back to the car

Taking a selfie with the giraffes at the LA Zoo

Hanging out at Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Catching some sun by the lake

Tsum Snow's first campfire

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Grumpy's Model

I have written before about Marge Champion, the young lady who worked as a model for Snow White, but have you heard about Grumpy's model?  While not quite the same, there are references to  a Disney character in early descriptions of Grumpy.  This guy:

This is Santa's secretary in the 1932 Silly Symphony "Santa's Workshop."  When watching him, you can see many scenes of his furrowed brow that reminds me distinctly of Grumpy.   There is another connection: Grumpy and the secretary are both voiced by the one and only Pinto Colvig.

Do you see similarities?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Who is the Smartest Dwarf?

According to Pearce it is...

Perce Pearce was one of the directors on Snow White.  During one particular meeting Pearce said that "Walt created this character as a very clever and ingenious type...He is the smartest character in the whole bunch, even when he is sleeping."

What do you think?