Sunday, August 28, 2016

Snow White La Mode Lamp

Last month I received a new item to the collection: a 1938 La Mode lamp.  According to my collectibles guide book: "Figural painted plaster lamp is 3x3.5x7.25 tall to the top of Snow White, 9.75" tall to top of socket.  Underside has original paper label with company name and Disney copyright."

Now I need to find a shade!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tsum Tsum Snow White

If any of you follow my instagram, you know that I love Tsum Tsum Snow White.  I, like many others, have spent more time than I will admit playing the addicting game.  I was recently thrilled to find out that it was lucky time for three Disney princess tsums (meaning you had a higher chance of getting on of these gals if you used points to buy a new character).

Well, lucky time is right!  I got Snow White!  When you use her during game play, the dwarfs pop up and clear additional tsums when you click on them.  Plus, notice how the screen becomes the forest woodland.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jakk Series 3 Blind Bag

I was so excited to come across the series 3 Tsum Tsum mystery stack pack because it included a Dopey stack!  Unfortunately it took me one Jasmine, 2 Luckys, and 3 Tinkerbells before I got the Dopey.  (beware when feeling the package, the Diamond is not on Dopey's back and is separate from him.  He comes in 3 separate pieces with no bumps on the Tsum).  However, I did get him!

Click below for series one and two (no Snow White characters in either of these series)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Snow White Book?

I follow The Disney History blog by Didier Ghez after finding his books "Walt's People" so fascinating.  Each book is a collection of interviews from Disney legends (animators, producers, directors, imagineers...).  I have found many useful interviews directly related to the making of Snow White and hope to catch up on my reading.  Volume 17 was just released this July.

Ghez posted an update about upcoming projects and I was thrilled to learn that he is editing about collection of interviews focused on the making of Snow White!  He expects it to be released this August or September with a volume 2 to come.  I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

I did a little searching and Ghez posted a link to a chapter of a Snow White book back in 2013 and I believe this blog is David Johnson's, the author.  It doesn't appear to have been updated much.

While we wait for the release of this book, if you are a Disney history nerd, check out the Walt People's series:

Sunday, July 31, 2016

E Ticket Magazine

There was a wonderful fan magazine published from 1986 to 2009.  I have been slowly accumulating all the issues and am currently missing only three more issues.  Two issues featured Snow White's Scary Adventures - issue 4 and 13.  While I'm still waiting to find issue 4, I have issue 13.

It's a very interesting look into the original attraction before it was update.

While you can no longer buy very early issues, you can purchase them on CD-Rom.  The Walt Disney Family Museum acquired all the content to the magazine and you can now purchase back issues as well as the CDS.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Disney Princess Magazine

I was wandering around in a book store the other day and I saw this:
May/June 2016 Disney Princess Magazine

I was surprised to find the main story on the first few pages all about Snow White!  "A Windy Adventure" is a story about Snow White heading out to collect supplies to make a surprise for the dwarfs when the wind interferes with her plans.  The story runs from page 3 to page 8.  This particular issue also features a story about Sleeping Beauty.  

Back cover Snow White game

The magazine also features lots of games and crafts with lots of Disney princesses as well as a pull-out poster.  The magazine is published six times a year and is suggested for readers 3 to 9 years old.

Click below to subscribe:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Have an extra $925,000 dollars? Want to live in Snow White's cottage?

 I recently came across a Snow White cottage for sale in Washington sate.  This is a four bedroom and four and a half bath home and was designed with the Seven Dwarf's cottage in mind.
Photo from listing

Check it out!

King 5 video

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