Sunday, February 10, 2019

Valentine's Day Roses

Looking for that last minute Valentine's Day gift?  How about some Snow White roses?

For only $195(!) you can have Snow White roses sent to your love one. 
Here are the detail from the website:
"Roseshire and The Walt Disney Company are proud to present, the Snow White collection. To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Snow White, we've teamed with The Walt Disney Company to bring a minimalist-style storyboard design to help encompass our best roses for the season. Share this limited collection with your "fairest" person!
Stem sizes may vary from 17"-25" in length. Roses are hand arranged and arrive in our trademark Roseshire Box."

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Snow White Couples Shirts

Looking for something to wear this Valentines day?  How about these Snow White Couples Shirts?  They are each about $25 from the Disney Store Online

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Snow White News and Updates

Happy 2019! It has been awhile since I have posted! As the addage goes...where does time go?

Here are some interesting Snow White related articles:

Did you read the story about the woman who was reunited with Snow White?

One of Disney's Golden Age artists has passed away.

Planning a trip to Hollywood?  Be sure to see all these spots on the tour.

Remember the year Snow White was on the Oscars?  Read about how that all went down.

Check out the Gemstone Mining Game is really fun!

Meet Snow White's new voice in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

What US States picked Snow White as their favorite princess?

This Snow White animator's home just recently sold.  A little out of my price range.

Another Make-up company released a Snow White line.

This would have been an interesting talk to attend.

Over the holidays there was some fun merchandise released including this pin, charms, and these ornaments.

Have you been to the Snow White character dinner in Walt Disney World?

Read about Ruthie Thompson, the 108 year old Disney legend.

Huffington Post has some old-school pictures of Disneyland that include the original ride cars in Snow White's adventure.

Insider has a picture of Elizabeth Taylor riding Snow White's Adventure in it's early days.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Toms' Snow White Shoes

I am loving all these Disney collaborations!  Last month Toms Shoes joined the list.  There were several wonderful options for adults!  I really loves these shoes because they actually use the concept art!

Here are two of the shoes I picked out.  Aren't they great!

A display in Downtown Disney

I couldn't get a good picture of the window display but here is the window from the inside.

Isn't the print great?!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

That's From Disneyland Auction

That's From Disneyland was a pop-up exhibit that promoted the Van-Eaton Gallery auction.  It was an amazingly well done exhibit that was a lot of fun to see!  So here is a wrap up on the prices that went the Snow White items went for;

These Disneyland Gloves have Happy and Bashful on them.  They were valued around 100 and went for $700
I really wanted this one!  The Parking sign was valued at 400 and went for $6,500

Valued at 5,000 this ride car went for 30,000

This model of the transformation scene was valued at 5,000 and went for $2,500.  What a steal!
This Melty Snow White (it was damaged in storage) was a trending picture online.  Valued at 400 it went for $12,000.

The Hag was valued at 600 and went for $3,200

This little sign was on my shopping list (well, my dream shopping list) valued at 800, it went for $22,500.  Whaaaa?

These two Disneykins postcards were valued at 200 and went for $700
There were also two drawings that went for 2,350 and 3,250.  One was a brownline sketch of the attraction and the other was concept art of the ride car.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Disney World Snow White News

Disney Parks Blog announced that Artists Point at the Wilderness Lodge is scheduled to become a Snow White themed character meal this winter!  Guests will get to meet Snow White, Grumpy, Dopey and the Evil Queen.   While finding Snow White is not that hard in a Disney Park, finding the dwarfs is not easy and usually requires a special event.  This is a great opportunity for Snow White fans!  No word on actually dates yet, but be sure to keep an eye out!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

News and Updates

Have you taken the "Hardest Snow White" quiz?

Next time I make it to Europe, I will have to go into a Primark and check out the Disney collection!  Love this adorable Snow White bag.

This art featuring Snow White's Scary Adventure is wonderful!  I had to get one myself.

Similar to my Finding Snow White posts - WDWNT did an article all about Snow White connections across all the Disney parks.

The Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco has an art exhibit featuring some production art from Snow White - has anyone been there before?

Mental Floss put together a story on why there are no mosquitoes in Disney World and used some scenes of the Seven Dwarfs from the Winged Scourge.

Mouse Planet has a great article about Disney keeping their IP.  Including some attempts to make a new Snow White.

Moving to India?  Disney has partnered with aa real estate company to create Disney themed homes - including some Snow White.

Disney Parks Blog posted this cute picture of Snow White.

Ever wonder about the connection between yard gnomes and Snow White?  Read on!

After Happily Ever After, what career choice do you see Snow White making?  Check out this artist ideas.

Read about Fred Moore on MousePlanet.

Oh My Disney put together an article to celebrate Snow White's 80th.  So did E News.  And Hollywood Reporter.

Did you get any Asics Snow White shoes?  How about the Ruthie Davis Shoes?

Planning on getting engaged?  Check out these Disney Zales rings.

Check out this Snow White production scrapbook.

Did you get a medal from the Disney Princess Marathon?  I love the Snow White inspired one!

Disney Parks Blog posted a bunch of pictures to celebrate Snow White.

Did you see the American Idol judge who dressed up as Snow White for Disney night?

Time to move to Japan...did you see this tea set?

Missguided had a line that had some Snow White items.

Have you seen the book with Snow White and Charlie McCarthy on it?  Read about how it came about!

Travel and Leisure did a story on secrets of the Disney Parks with some info on Snow White's Grotto.

Read about the premiere of Snow White in Orlando.

Check out these beautiful art pieces done to celebrate Snow White on Oh My Disney.