Sunday, September 24, 2017

Disney Store Christmas Ornaments

It's just getting into the fall season now, so naturally that means time to put out Christmas ornaments, right?  When I was in the Disney Store a few weeks ago, I found they had all the ornaments out and there were three Snow White related items!
Poison Apple $16.95

Grumpy - I forgot to write down the price

Snow White is $16.95

Sunday, September 17, 2017

August Snow White News

Looking to plan a romantic date?  Insider recommends Carthay Circle as a choice.

Gap has released one of the cutest clothing lines for your little cuties.

Disney Style has a fancy tutorial on how to make Snow White inspired Gem nails?

Look out wallets - Dooney and Bourke are releasing a Snow White purse.

Disney Family has a tasty treat for you to make - Snow White Smoothie Bowls.

Look out completest collectors, because Funko is about to make our job even harder!  Check out the new upcoming pops!  Books A Million (BAM) has an exclusive Grumpy Pop!

Danielle Nicole keeps coming up with new bags!

Disney Food Blog talked about the upcoming Snow White breakfast at Saks fifth Avenue.

Ruthie Davis has announced her new Princess shoe line will feature Snow White as the first release.

Disney parks is offering a new pin game that features several Snow White characters.

Are you a fan of the Disney character shoe ornaments?  If so, you'll love the upcoming character purse ornament.

One of my favorite Disney product artists, Steve Thompson, showed off some pictures of upcoming ornaments.  Look for next week's posts about these ornaments.

Disney Bound has come up with a few cute outfits inspired by our favorite characters - Snow White and the prince.

It's always great to check out some vintage pictures of Disneyland - check out these of Snow White's grotto.

Bill Robinson was at Disney's Wonderground Gallery and painted a great Evil Queen.

And finally, the fabulous Filmic Light featured a bunch of fabulous items!  Here are a few of my favorites:
An upholstered chair
Nabisco cereal toys
A really cool night light
Snow White milk bottle

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Christmas Merchandise alert!

Hallmark has released their holiday ornaments and an adorable Snow White and Dopey Precious Moments ornament is in the 2017 line up!
The ornament is also available on the Hallmark website.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Finding Snow White at Disney's Character Outlet Store in Florida

Last June I had one of my best vacations ever on the Disney Dream.  While in Florida I took the opportunity to go to the Character Outlet located near the Disney Resort.  I was surprised at how many Snow White items I found!  While I usually refuse to leave the theme parks while I Florida, this was the perfect chance for me.  Getting a Uber ride over to the outlets from our resort was very easy.  I picked up a few treasures while we were there.  Please note that merchandise turns over very quickly, so you never know what you'll find.  For more up to date information check out the monthly outlet report on Touring Plans Blog (one of my favorite blog writers - I love the indignation at original Disney prices and strange merchandise that appears!)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Besame Cosmetics Snow White Line

At D23 expo 2017 Besame Cosmetics revealed that they are releasing a Snow White line!  They handed out a newspaper hand out to guests that shared some of what is to come.  I was really impressed as the sales girl explained to me that the colors in the storybook palette are actually based on paint samples from Disney that were used to paint Snow White!

At the expo they were selling mirrors (which sold out) and the palette book (there were still a few left as of Sunday morning).  I know I can't wait to get the classic book bag!  Here are some of the items they had at the show.

There isn't an exact release date yet, but you can sign up for updates from the website.  I will be making a trip to the boutique when the product is released!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Finding Snow White at the D23 Expo 2017

Just a few short weekends I made it to my fifth D23 Expo.  As always,  I made it my mission to try and discover what is new in the world of Snow White!  (This is a very picture heavy post!)
Sadly, I didn't find anything Snow White related in Imagineering, Animation or the Archives areas.  Snow White was brought up twice in the large panels.  She was mentioned (and seen) in the funniest scene I saw all weekend in the animation panel (no cameras) from a scene in Wreck it Ralph 2.  She was also mentioned in the Legends ceremony because a guest in the audience was a cast member during that time: 

During the Legends ceremony, Bob Iger recognized Ruthie Thompson, who worked at the studio from 1937-1977 and was celebrating her 107 birthday! 
One of things I was thrilled to find out was that they were screening Snow White at the expo.  Becki Kline (head of the Disney archive) came out and talked about what a treat it is to see it full screen.  I had hoped for a give away or a little more talking about the movie, but it was great fun to see the film on such a giant screen in the arena.

 This year I finally made it into the Disney Store itself.  (Stay tunned to hear why).  I did not notice anything Snow White related in the Dream Store (I really didn't look at the art walls) and I never made it into Mickey's of Glendale pin store (this year they made two Mickey's of Glendale - one just for pins and one for everything else.)  However, Disney Store didn't disappoint in the Snow White department.  I didn't note prices of items while I was snapping away - one day I will remember to be a diligent blogger.  But for those of you who have been to expo, you can appreciate how quickly you move to try and see everything!

This ornament set was an exclusive and if memory serves was $200 for an edition size of 3,000.  I passed on this one. 

Cute wristlet - the art is found in the lithograph set below.

This was another expo exclusive - the pin set sold for $49.95

This lovely snow globe has an interesting base - I love the evil queen's heart box for it's artistic style, but I am surprised at Snow, the dwarfs, and the animals being so willing to pose on top of it!

Another Danille Nicole purse

This is what I wanted to buy at expo - the stationary set - but I actually passed it up in favor of items that were expo exclusives

Mug set

This is another thing I will have to get later.  This journal has interchangeable cards so you can choose what art you want in the mirror!  Such a great idea!

I don't do the dolls, but they are really impressive!

This was another exclusive - a Danielle Nicole jewelry set.  However, I didn't see the 'Snow White' in it so I passed.
This compact mirror is really cute!
This lithograph set was my favorite Disney Store item.  It sold for $49.95 - which I thought was high - but edition size of 1,000

Each day the Disney store sold a pin for $5 with purchase.  This was Saturday's pin.  I didn't get a chance to buy it on Saturday, but thanks to the kindness of someone sat next to in a panel, I got one!  I'm so happy!

This years Disney Partner Retailers had a great showing of Snow White merchandise to show off and for sale.
Besame Cosmetics announced at the expo that they are releasing a new Snow White line.  There will be a whole separate post on this next week so stay tuned!

Hallmark was there with my favorite Snow White souvenier of the expo- a prince and Snow White itty bitty.  The set sold for $20.  On the bottom of each itty bitty there is a sewn on patch that reads "D23 expo event exclusive 2017".  You had to be a Gold member to buy one.

The Sunstaches booth had a Snow White set of glasses - No, I didn't buy these. 

In the Disney Consumer Products (DCP) Pavilion there were express artists making different pictures in the foam.  I loved this Snow White one.

As always DCP shows off merchandise you can't buy.  Here are some upcoming backpacks featuring Snow White

A few more Snow White backpacks and some shoes - sorry for the poor quality pictures~!

Prices of upcoming items

A Snow White inspired D-Lectables ice cream cone.  Very cute.

Havaianas had a large booth this year and featured two Snow White flip flops for sale - this one, with the traditional Snow White, was for children.

This pair is for Adults.  Oddly enough, I had just seen these flip flops in the Disney Outlet in Florida (look for blog post in August).  There are also "Wedding" Snow White flip flops, but I didn't see it for sale.
Disney fine jewelry Enchanted line inspired by Snow White.  The apple necklace in the top left was clearly Snow White inspired, but everything else featured a red stone or a bow, or nothing I could see was "Snow White".  I personally like things that are more clearly Snow.

This little cutie was the expo exclusive for Precious Moments.  I almost missed this one!  She was only $7!

"You are my Wish Come True" was also on sale at the show ($550)

As always, Jakks Toys is going to send me on the hunt for this Snow White tsum tsum blind bag.

A must find Toys R Us exclusive.  I hear it has already been hitting some stores.
The Walt Disney Family Museum had this trinket box for sale.  I don't remember how much it was, but when the girl told me it was already at 50% and was several hundred, I wasn't quite sure why the box is so much.
The post office was selling stamps that featured the newly released villains.  I am happy to see the queen is on the top of every stamp set.
They had framed sets for sale.
I got a first day issue envelope of the queen and had it cancelled for the expo.  Very cool!
Some of the things the post office sold on Saturday and Sunday.

LulaRoe showed off some of the new prints coming and I spied this adorable dwarf print.  Who knows what they will make with the fabric, but I look forward to finding out!
As always there were lots of merchants in the Emporium area selling lots of Snow White things.  The one thing I will share with you because I've never seen it anywhere else is this fold up fan!  I thought it was so cute and handy waiting in some of those lines, it got warm!
I hope you enjoyed my look at Snow White at the D23 expo 2017.  As always, I'm sure I missed things.  It's so hard to see everything!