Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Love Reading Blogs!

I've been using Feedly for a long time now.  I love using this reader to keep all my blog articles in one spot and fit in my nightly reading.  This way I can read hundreds of blogs all at once!

Here is the list of the blogs and feeds that I have in my account.  Many of these sites do not post often and some of these sites may be inactive now.  The one downside to reading blogs in a reader is certain blog sites block the entire article so the only way to read the complete article is to go to the site itself - but with this many sites, there is no way I'm going to all of these sites every day!

Snow White Centric
Whistle While We Blog:
Filmic Light: A Snow White Sanctum:
the disney princess:
A Poison Apple A Day:

Disney Fan Groups and Podcasters
AllEars.Net: is Disney and Theme park news, tips, planning and more:
The Disneyana Dispatch:
Matt's Blog:
The DIS Unplugged - A Weekly Roundt...
WEDway Radio - Walt Disney World and Disneyland Examined with some Disney History:
Progress City, U.S.A:
WDW Radio - Your Walt Disney World Information Station by Lou Mongello:
Be Our Guest WDW Podcast:
Disney Film Project:
The Tiara Talk Show:
Nate's Blog: Royal Street:

Disney Food
the disney food blog:
Eating (and Drinking) around the World:
The Disney Diner:

Disney Artists
Mica's Art:
My Junk Drawer:
Jackie Huang Blog:
Lorelay Bove:
Princess Beauty Case:
Jerrod Maruyama Illustration:
Joey Chou:
Deja View:
Brittney Lee:
Steve Thompson:
Kevin Kidney:
Everyday Love blog | the art of Nidhi Chanani:
The Art of Liana Hee:

Official Disney
Disney Music Emporium:
Disney Contests and Sweepstakes:
Disney Blogs » Disney Insider:
Modern Mouse Boutique | Disney Hair Accessories:
Disney Blogs » Disney Playlist:
From the Disney Post:
The Walt Disney Company Press:
Disney Blogs » Disney Style" :
Disneyland Alumni Club RSS2 Feed:
Disney Family:
Disney Blogs » Oh My Disney:
RunDisney Blog:
Disney Parks Blog:

Disney Merchandise
Mickey Fix:
The Buzz: The Official Disney Store:

Theme Parks
Hong Kong Main Street Gazette :
stuff from the park:
Main Street Gazette:
DISney News Stories:
TDR Explorer:
KennythePirate's Guide to Disney World:
WDW Prep School:
Chip and Co:
We Wants The Redhead:
Walt Disney World For Grownups:
Disney World Blog Discussing Parks,:
Disney Hipster Blog:
Honorable Rat:
Babes in Disneyland:
Mouse Fan Café: Blog:

Disney Fashion
Disney Bound:

General Disney and Disney News
Guru Donna Kay:
Zannaland | Pixie Dust Delivered :
"The “World” According to Jack:
Jim Hill Media:
Disney Geekery:
The Disney Cruise Line Blog:
Imaginerding: Disney Books, links and more!:
BRIAN SIBLEY : his blog:
Mouse on the Mind:
Disney At Work:
Disney and more:
Disney Tourist Blog:"/>
All Ears® Guest Blog:
Imagineering Disney:
My Disney Mania:
Disney History:
This Happy Place Blog:
Salute to All Things Disney but Mostly Disneyland:
A Lost Film:
Travel Caffeine:
Atomic Redhead:
Inside Disney Music:
Blabbing On Arts and Culture:
Main Gate Admission:
Toons At War:
Global Disney Pinvestigation:
The Backside of Water:
Disney By Joe:
Disneyland Diva:
Daisys Disneyana:
Disney, etc.:
Duckman's Blog:
The Sacred Tree of the Aracuan Bird:
Vintage Disneyland Goodies:
Designing Disney:
If We Can Dream It:
Passport to Dreams Old and New:
The True Disney Fan:
Vintage Disney Collectibles:
The Blog Wore Tennis Shoes:
A. Film L.A.:
SamLand's Disney Adventures:
W.E.D. Enterprises:
Tulgey Wood:
The Finding Mickey Archives:
Vintage Disneyland Tickets:
the blog:
Cowan Collection: Animation and Comic Art:
Disney Geek Dad:
All Things Disney:
The Ghost Relations Department:
Disney at Work":
Epic Mikey:
Disneyland Postcards:
The art of telling tales:
Animation Backgrounds:
Disneyland Nomenclature:
ASIFA-Hollywood Cartoon Hall Of Fame:
The Disneyana Dispatch:
Blue Sky Disney:
The Best Possible Job:
Disneyland's Jungle Cruise And Other Disneyland Stuff:
Inspired By Dis:
Tsum Tsum Guide:

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Good Housekeeping Decmeber 1937

Continuing on with the story (Poor little Jonny, had to wait until mommy got her new good housekeeping to hear about what happened to the little princess) - here is part two for the Good Housekeeping December 1937 issue.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Comics

Long Beach comic con was this weekend and I created a list of comic books to help me as I wander through the booths.  I thought I would share my list.  I am sure this is not complete - if you know of any additions I need to make, please let me know!  I added values for books that are in my Official price guide to Disney Collectibles (by Ted Hake, published 2007) and in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

  • Dell Four Color
    • 1943  #19 Thumper Meets the Seven Dwarfs ($49-885)
    • 1944 #49 (Snow White wearing white and red dress) ($55-975)
    • 1949 Four Color #227 (Seven Dwarfs with pirate parrot) ($11-160)
    • 1952 #382 (Snow White dancing with doc and dwarfs playing music blue banner behind title) ($11-160)
  • Dell Silly Symphonies
    • 1958 Feb. Giant #8 Thumper Meets the Seven dwarfs ($15-310)
  • Gladstone
    • 1987 Sep (Snow White by the fire cooking telling dwarfs a story)
  • Gold Key Classics
    • 310 October 1936 (same as Dell Four Color 382)
    • 310 October 1965
    • 310 September 1967 (now has red behind title)
  • Gold Key
    • 1968 #24 (dwarfs with Dopey)
  • Marvel
    • Snow White Jan 1995
  • Top Comics
    • 1967 #2 (same as Dell Four Color 3825 with Green behind title)
  • Vintage Gold Key
    • 1967 #10091-709 September (Red banner behind title, Snow white dancing with Doc and dwarfs playing music)
  • Walt Disney’s Comics
    •  #43 (Dopey meets Donald) ($48-650)
    • #47 (Dopey and Donald Eat) ($48-$650)
    • #45 (Doc and Dopey play music with Donald) ($48-650)
    • #58 (Dopey, Donald, and Mickey Revolution) ($29-470)
  • Whitman
    • 1982 (Red curtain background Snow white dancing with doc and dwarfs playing music)
Mini Give Away Comics:
·         1947 Seven Dwarfs and the Enchanted Mountain #1 (Cheerios)
·         1952 A New Adventure of Walt Disney’s Snow White and Seven Dwarfs (Bendix Washer)
·         1958 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Mystery of the Missing Magic (Reynolds Wrap) ($8-65)
·         1955? Walt Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in The Milky Way (American Dairy Association) ($12-120)
·         Walt Disney The Seven Dwarfs with Pinocchio “Nosey Doings” (Weeties)

  • Mickey Mouse
    • April 1938 Vol 3 #7
    • February 1938 Vol 3 #5
    • June 1938 Vol 3 #9
  • Disneyland Magazines
    • 10 (Snow White in Forest),
    • 14 (Dwarfs marching on log),
    • 26 (Dwarfs in mine),
    • 32 (dwarfs playing music, grumpy organ, Snow clapping),
    • 41 (Snow exiting cottage, dwarfs sweeping leaves),
    • 49 (Snow White teaching Dopey),
    • 54 (Dopey riding on a deer and disturbing picnic),
    • 59 (Happy and Doc doing laundry with Dopey and Bashful),
    • 69 (Dopey driving car with Doc and Bashful and Pluto),
    • 70 (Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey Stargazing),
    • 83 (Hot air balloon with Dopey on top),
    • 91 (Doc driving car),
    • 92 (Doc driving car),
    • 95 (Snow White blindfolded with Doc, Bashful, and Dopey),
    • 97 (Snow White blindfolded with Doc, Bashful, and Dopey),
    • 159 (Snow White telling dwarfs a story)
    • 180 (Happy n forest with animals)
  Non-Snow White Covers –  Snow White related inside comic

·         Walt Disney Comics April 1945 Vol 5 #7 (Snow White and Dumbo)
·         Gold Key Walt Disney Comics Digest #25 (Thumper meets Seven Dwarfs)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Good Housekeeping November 1937

I got this fantastic magazine in the mail the other day - It's amazing how much more substantial magazines of the past are!  Poor children whose parents read them this as a bedtime story - part two was in Good Housekeeping December's issue!  (look for post on that next week!)  The story is fun to read and the art chosen to accompany it is so fantastic.  However, I admit, that the advertisements really caught my eye!