Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today I made it down to Hollywood to pay my first visit to El Capitan Theatre. The current feature film is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After having a shake at the soda fountain and buying all the released Snow White pins - it was time for the show. The theater really is a great building, and the organ is massive. I was a little disappointed that the stage show prior to show time was just Snow White (no dwarfs- or any other characters) and the popcorn buckets weren't special for the feature. It is amazing that a film that is over 70 years old can capture an audience still - adults and children. I was sitting next to a father who had brought a group of girls - each dressed as a different princess - and he was laughing out loud as Grumpy was being forced to wash.
Although Hollywood isn't very far at all to travel, I generally avoid the area, as what should only be a short car trip often quickly turns into an hour voyage on the southern California freeways. It was fun to see the movie in this setting and while I would enjoy seeing another feature there - it will probably be a while.

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