Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Snow White Tsum Tsum plush

I am completely addicted to the Disney Tsum Tsum game and am thrilled to learn the the adorable Snow White and dwarf plush are available for sale at www.disneystore.com for $4.95 each. Can't wait to receive mine!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Getting Crafty: Seven Dwarfs Fabrics

Recently I've been reading about how hard it's been for Jo-Ann's to keep Frozen fabric on the shelves.  Well, I'm thrilled to have found some great Seven Dwarfs fabrics!  Over the years I've seen (and bought) many fabrics with the lovely Snow White herself, but I many with the dwarfs.  Especially those that do not have directionality to the print.  I bought a bunch of each type and now am awaiting inspiration to strike as to what I want to make. 

I love this one...so fantastic! It's a flannel fabric, maybe a future theme park purse?

This print is much larger and a fleece.  Perfect to make a blanket with!
For those less crafty inclined: this is a no sew fleece throw

Sunday, September 21, 2014

In the News This Week: Drawing Grumpy and Seven Dwarfs Ride Video

This week the Disney Park Blog has some great posts this week for us Snow White Fans. (Be sure to take a look at the banner art on the web page - right now they are all fall themed and one of them features great art from Snow White's Scary Adventure).

I'm thrilled to learn that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will now offer an on ride video for guests with magic bands and the memory makers package. I can't wait to see first hand how it works!  I will be posting all about it when I get back from my trip soon. 

Disney also posted a video from their learn to draw series that features...Grumpy!  I would love to see the dwarfs go into rotation at the Animation Academy attractions.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Disney Mickey Mouse Season 1

Have you seen the newest Mickey Mouse cartoons? I hadn't until I picked up the season 1 DVD last week. These are terrific! I love the old school feel of the cartoons and the references to other characters.  For example, Cinderella, Belle, and Beast make cameos. But lesser known characters like Jose Carioca and Willie the Whale can be spotted too. The cartoons are set around the world and on the DVDs bonus feature the creators describe how they made sure the cartoons are not dialogue dependent. I really enjoyed these 30s inspired shorts.
The reason I bring it up here is that there is one Snow White reference. On the valentines day episode called Third Wheel, Goofy crashes Mickey and Minnie's date.  The background music in the romantic restaurant... Some Day My Prince Will Come.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Snow White Personalized Stationary

I was reading my latest issue of Real Simple magazine when I noticed an add featuring some great Snow White personalized stationary.  Expressionery.com has lots of Disney stationary and several options for our gal.  The magazine features a code for $10 off your order.

Snow White folded cards

Snow White book plate labels (comes with 3 designs)

Snow White flat cards

Princess Snow White invitations

Princess Pattern Snow White

Snow White Address Stamp

I also looked on the Checks in the Mail website.  My personal address stamp features grumpy seen below (seemed fitting to use that on all those bills!) and I've had lots of comments on my checks over the years.  They also have the book labels.