Sunday, May 31, 2015

Grumpy's Garden

Hi all!  I just got back from a very expensive shopping spree at Kmart!  There are so many fabulous Grumpy garden items it was hard to choose what to buy!

I bought this garden flag (it says when are you leaving) for $14.99

Small Grumpy go away: $24.99

Grumpy "welcome" rock

Grumpy wind chime: 16.99

Grumpy solar light stake: 19.99
 However, there was one statue that I could not walk away without:

One sale for $109

Here he is in the cart to give you an idea of size.
Here he is in my garden

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Limited Time Magic Tees

Last week I got my Fantasyland Fighting Seven T-shirt:

About a month ago Disney Parks Blog ran a contest and the Disney Store On-line sold shirts to go along with the contest (read more about the March Magic here).  Sadly, the boys didn't win the competition, but they put up a good fight!

On Friday, Walt Disney World and Disneyland ran their 24-hour kick off to summer party.  You can purchase the Disneyland Dopey up all night shirt on the Disney Store website until May 31st.  I ordered mine, pictures to come!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Feeling Dopey on May 22

Where will you be on May 22?  Sadly, I will be at work and not at the 24-hour event at the Disneyland Resort.  Truth be told, I find the whole idea of spending 24 hours in a theme park at more than a little frightening.  But then I saw this:

Disney Parks Blog

Disney Parks Blog
I love this design!  Marketing Gold!  It's almost enough to get me down to the event - almost.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Rise and Fall of Deafy

Before the final seven dwarfs were cast, there were many others that didn't make the cut.  One such fellow is Deafy.  According to J. B. Kauffman in his book The Fairest One of All, Deafy was the unused dwarf list that came the closest to making it.  Each dwarf has their own gag (Sneezy's monster sneezes and Doc's ability to mix words up) and Deafy, was naturally, hard of hearing.  At one point they artists discussed having Deafy carry a horn, but that idea was ultimately rejected by Walt.  It might have been fun to see Deafy in the scene where the dwarfs are inspecting the cottage after the apparent break-in.  The dwarfs' search would have been constantly interrupted by having to explain everything to Deafy several times.  Deafy was still on outlines all the way through 1935 but, in the end, Deafy was replaced by Sneezy.  There have been a few explanations of why he was dropped: the constant explaining would slow down the plot or the final dwarf line-up did not include any physical afflictions.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dead Authors Podcast

Last night I went to go see a taping of the Dead Authors Podcast.  It was really interesting and completely hilarious!  The premise is that H. G. Wells gets in his time machine and travels back to pick up an author to bring to modern day for an interview.  The reason I am writing about it on my blog is because last night's interview was of Hans Christian Anderson - it will be chapter 46.  There was plenty of discussion about how Anderson felt about Disney's interpretation of his work.  Note, that this podcast is not a family oriented show.  I am looking forward to going back and listening to the Grimm brothers.