Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Seven Dwarfs Find a Home

This book, released in 1948 (this is a 1952 release) is a Mickey Mouse Club Book with pictures by the Walt Disney Studio.
You see, the dwarfs had a mine, but nowhere to call home.  They slept in tress, caves, or just on the ground.  Doc, being the practical leader he is, decides they need a home, and calls upon the forest animals to find one.  Which they clean up to call their own.  Luckily there were seven little beds already, and Happy cooked a wonderful meal.  Grumpy played the organ (again, how lucky to have it t here) and Doc insisted they wash up.
My question is when did the dwarfs get so lazy?  They did just fine cleaning up the place when they moved in, Sneezy even used the broom.  So how did this group get so lack?  And who were these mysterious people that lived in the cottage before the our dwarfs found it?  There was really another group of seven individuals who used seven little beds with names carved on them.  Just sayin'

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