Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow White Magic Mirror Book

The Snow White Magic Mirror Book was published by Dean &Son Ltd. in London with permission of Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse Ltd.  The story is the full tale of the movie (60 pages) and includes  a brief appearance from Snow White's mom before she dies.  The story uses the lyrics of the songs throughout and even includes lyrics that were not in the film.  In addition the Queen refers to the the mirror once by saying Mirror, mirror (in the film, she says Magic Mirror).
The huntsman has an internal dialogue with himself while debating if he should carry out the queens orders:
"If I kill her my soul will burn for evermore, and my shame will be so great that I shall hate myself and hang my head before all men.  Yet if I fail the Queen, she will feed me to her panthers or shrink me magically to the size of a walnut"  The Queen has panthers?
Most interesting ins chapter 17: "A Gift for Snow White."  This whole chapter retells the making of the bed scene that was cut from the final film.
The story ends with Grumpy: "Wimmin! They just come and go!"
On the final page is an ad for Stephenson's polish: just a flick of the tail (Sorry! duster), brings up a shine that really makes you whistle.
What makes this book so remarkable is the Magic Spectacles.  Through out the book are "six special coloured pictures printed in this book are really stereoscopic scenes that enable you to see into the distance with wonderful real-life effect."  The book also cautions views to "take care of your Magic Spectacles and do not finger the gelatine or it will become cloudy."
 My copy has an inscription from the voice of Snow White (not verified).


  1. I'm currently writing a post on this same book. It's a nice one.

    From the autographs I've see of Adriana's, yours certainly looks authentic to me.