Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tales from the Cottage

This book published in 1994 features seven chapters: one for each dwarf.  Snow White has just finished telling her tale of her prince and is ready to send the dwarfs to bed.  They protest because Snow White has shared her story, but they haven't shared their stories.  And so it begins -
Chapter One: Doc of all Trades.  Doc story has him following the animals to help out one of their own in trouble - a dragon - yes, I said dragon.
Chapter two is Sleepy and the Nap Before Christmas.
Chapter three is Dopey's tale: Snow Time for Fun.
Chapter four: Sneezy's Story, where he actually manages to blow the roof of the cottage off.
Silence is Golden is chapter five. Bashful is sent to town to sell some jewels where he is too shy to talk. 
Grumpy's Story, chapter six, has Grumpy saving a baby bird - aww.
And finally - Oh, Happy's Day, where Happy manages to turn a bad day into fun for his pals.

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