Saturday, December 25, 2010

Walt Disney World Trip Day 8

Merry Christmas!
Christmas day at Epcot - what could be better?  We were there for rope drop and headed right over to our favorite future world attraction - Universe of Energy. (I know, we're strange).  Unfortunately it wasn't open yet - so we headed over to that other headliner - Journey into Imagination!  We was pretty fun, we had the whole car to ourselves, and got some good pictures of figment.
We spent most of the day exploring world showcase - I fact we could have used an extra day back there.  The updated Canada movie and Mexico ride were new to us and I enjoyed them both - although isn't Jose from Brazil?
I am still not sure how we lucked out but we got a candlelight processional package at Coral Reef.  I had always wanted to eat in there and now I see why it's so hard - the food was fine but the real problem is that the restaurant is tiny!  It was great to sit and watch all the of creatures swimming by.  The table next to us had a portable DVD player for the kids (Cars) and I thought it was pretty funny that the kids had to watch the movie rather than watch the sea creatures.
Oh, another surprise was that because I have Disney Rewards Credit Card we were able to get our picture taken at a special meet and greet in Innoventions.  There was no wait and we were with Mickey and Pluto.  And we got a free print!
The night ended with Candlelight Processional.  What a wonderful celebration for Christmas Day.

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