Sunday, December 19, 2010

Disney World Trip Day 1

ok, so im doing this update from my phone and it appears that blogger and my cell phone are under the impression that capitals and commas dont exist. so please excuse the lack of grammar. we arrived last night and used the fabulous magical express. there was no wait and we were off the plane and on the bus in about ten minutes. we arrived at french quarter.  the lobby is decorated to the nines. it looked great. we were able to use the water taxi to head over to downtown disney. a little chilly but a nice ride.  we headed over to the trex cafe where the wait was two hours or so. lucky for us i had the rainforest club card and we only waited about fourty minutes. only being a relative term. any way, the rainforst card is well worth it, i have had it for about eight years and it gives you a discount too. as you may have noticed i found the comma.
it had been rainy and by the time we were done with dinner the area was foggy, so it was a bus ride back.
were all ready to have a great time.

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