Thursday, December 23, 2010

Walt Disney World Trip Day 6

to tour hollywood studios we used the touring plan from the unoffical guide. and boy did it help. toy story mania was crazy all day. fast passes were gone before lunch.
the highlights of the day were eating at the sci fi cafe, so fun, the food was alright too, riding rock n roller coaster, and the christmas decorations.
the studio was showing mickeys christmas carol in a big theatre. it was a great way to take a break.
the osborne holiday lights was wonderful. so many wonderful lights. you feel like you are standing on one of those streets on a tlc crazy christmas light show.
it does seem sad at the hollywood studios as the studio part really seems non existent any more. the tram tour was really just sad. and the animation tour is just a charcter meet and greet. again just sad.
this seems to be the park with the least direction, it could use something. i would like to suggest that disney revisist the muppet land idea. wdw has an episode all about this idea that did not make it. it is a great idea. i will post the link when i get home.

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  1. The WDW radio show is episode 169: