Sunday, December 19, 2010

Disney World Day 2

today is epcot day. while waiting for the family, i spent some time wandering the resort. the pool is great, too bad its cold. all day i kept hearing people say things like its florida, its not supposed to be cold. weather aside, we headed out.
we decided to tackle future world today and save world showcase for later. we rode living with the land,the seas with nemo and friends, and test track. after having a rather disappointing lunch it was off to journey into imagination, mission space, universe of energy, and spaceship earth. we even wandered around innovations. it was great. we skipped soarin as the line and fastpass was crazy and being dl passholders, we can go some other time.  plus our queue line is way better.
because we never could get a seat in le cellier, we roe a friendship boat across to captains grille. it was really good.  we really liked the steak in wine sauce. we were going to share ll our desserts but one member of our party, who shall remain unnammed, went through his whole apple tart.  my favorite was the sorbet.
overall it was a great day.  i love the universe of energy. i want to take all my students on a field trip to learn about energy. the decorated rosemary tree in the land was really fun too. oh, and i love that you can email yourself a crazy postcard from spaceshiip earth, oh and that it covers all of world history in less then ten minutes.
just a reminder, i am still a believer in the capital letter, but my cell phone is not.

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