Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disney World Trip Day 5

we were not able to finish all we wanted to do in animal kingdom the first day so back we went.  we were wble to walk the  pangani forest. the gorilla family had a new addition and we were able to see the mom and baby very clearly.
we also saw the flights of wonder show. it was really quite funny. the birds are impressive and cando some pretty funny things.
camp minnie and mickey was all decked out for christmas. many characters had themed trees. i loved lilo and stichs trees.
the main event was the hoop de doo revue. it was fabulous. we enjoyed the food and laughed so much. the preformers were wonderful. they included lots of christmas music too. it was really great. i think this will be something we will do every trip. oh and they had busses waiting to take you back to your resort.   our favorite part of the show was when they sang the they come from everywhere song. we were chosen, as we are from california, and our rhyme was
hey you guys wasted travel fare
you have a disney over there.

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