Monday, December 20, 2010

Disney World Trip Day 3

today was animal kingdom. we headed right over to everest to get fastpasses. while planning this trip i used and used the one day do it all animal kingdom plan. i know it would have worked perfectly, but we did not make it for park opening, too tired.
back to our day. after getting fastpasses we rode the rides in dioland usa.  the chester nd hester fair rides are fun but primeval whirl is just like muhland maddes, or maybe it is vice versa, which was first?
we went on dinosaur next. i still wonder how many people even make the connection between the attraction and movie. my brother refuses to acknowledge the attraction had a name change. the thing that disappointed me was the lack of dino merchandise. trex in downtown disney has more and better.
in fact i have been disappointed with merchandise overall. it is all so generic. ths should not surprise me because even when i was a cast member the merchandise was tagged so it could sold anywhere.
well our day went smoothly aand we were able to do the maharaja trek, ride everest, the sfaris, go out to conservation station, see the parade and nemo.
i love everest. it was great. i was i had see the yeti before he started having issuesthough.
we stopped and talked with a cast memeber at conservation station. they are so infomative it was great. they were doing some research with turtles. the box turtule was trained to go to hte darkest color paddle to get a treat. it was really impressive, he was right every time.
oh and lunch? flame tre  bbq. yummy.
nemo was beautiful. it was kind of fast but the pupperty was so well done.
we ended our day going to dinner at boma. yum. i highly recommed it. it was really fun, good food, and a beautiful resort.
if your just going my updates, no i havent joined some anti capitlization and alternate spelling group, i am blogging from my cell phone. enough said.

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