Friday, December 24, 2010

Walt Disney World Trip Day 7

Christmas Eve at Magic Kingdom.  Our first ride of the day: Snow White's Adventure of course!  Magic Kingdom was quite busy.  The park was decorated so beautifully for Christmas - what a great way to spend Christmas Eve.  And I got my Dole float - yum!  (It was pretty funny - someone stopped me and through pantomime we figured out she wanted to take a picture of it).  We also go in another trip to Liberty Tree Tavern for our turkey meal - so good!  Oh, and one Jungle Cruise things got a little backed up so our guide told some jokes:
Why did Aladdin go to the Haunted Mansion?
To find a boo (ABU)!

Why did Captain Hook cross the road?
To go to the second hand store!

After a nice nap back at the hotel, some of us headed out to Disney Quest.  Now I have been there once - about 10 years ago and I was not impressed then, but one member of our party really wanted to do it, so off we went.  First, it is really expensive.  The price for admission was close to fifty dollars.  Second, it didn't seem to be anything new in the 10 years it has been since my last visit - it seemed as if it was exactlly the same.  One positive change was that all the arcade games are free play.  As they should be at that entrance fee.  The postive thing about going on Christmas Eve was that there was no wait for anything.  The main reason we went is that the video gammer in our party has tried to go on some of these attractions many times but the waits were so long, he never did.  We he was a happy camper - he did everything he wanted and played tons of games - it was great for him.  Unless you are a die hard gamer - it's not worth the admission.
For Christmas Eve was got pizza, brought it back to the room, watched the traditional claymation Christmas movies on ABC family and got some much needed rest.  It was fabulous.

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