Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Disney World Trip Day 4

magic kingdom. we started out later than normal so we could have breakfast at the kona cafe in the polynesan resort. i had the tonga toast, a giant cinnamon, bannana, strawberry french toast. yum yum.
magic kingdom was busy, the holiday crowds had started. our goal was to complete the list of attractions not found, in any form, in disneyland. so we rode/saw mickeys philhar magic, magic carpets of aladdin, hall of presidents, monsters laugh floor, and my much missed country bears. we also rode buzz and tiki room to make comparisons. well tiki room in fl can not compare to the original.
we had a pretty good lunch at pecos bills and a wonderful dinner at liberty tree.
it is strange wandering around magiic kingdom,, it feels so familiar but the bathrroms are not ever where i expected them to be.

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