Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Destination D - 75 years of animation - Hearing Voices

 The next panel was Hearing Voices: a Salute to Disney Voice Artists.  What a collection of talent!
Bill Farmer talked about landing the role of Goofy.  He treated the audience to a little Romeo and Juliet - Goofy style.  The first time he preformed the voice was in 1987 for a D-TV Dogone Valentine show.

Up next was Lisa Davis the voice of Anita in One Hundred and One Dalmation.  Lisa's early career included a role in Zsa Zsa Gabor's 1958 Queen of Other Space.  She was always in the back because she was also a blond and Zsa Zsa was not to fond of her.  This allowed her to perfect the distinctive voice of Zsa Zsa's.  Lisa got called to read for Cruella (she pulled out her Zsa Zsa's voice).  However, halfway through reading she realized that she was more Anita and asked Walt if they could switch roles.
David Frankham provided the voice for Sgt. Tibbs in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.  He was called into to meet with Woolie Reitherman.  Fankham auditioned for Winnie the Pooh, Sword and the Stone and Robin Hood, but alas wasn't right for the parts.

Kathryn Beaumont provided the voice for Alice and Wendy.  Early in her career she was in Esther William's On a Island With You.  She talked about the differences working at MGM and then coming to Disney.  At Disney the head of the studio was part of the team, not at all like MGM.

Dickie Jones was not able to make the presentation.

Stich's voice was provided by Chris Sanders.  at the base he is a villain but he becomes a hero.  Sanders mused that Stich wouldn't be invited to the heroes party, nor to the villain's party.
The last panelist was Bruce Reitherman who played Mowgli and Christopher Robin.  The last name should look familiar - his father was animator Woolie.  As a boy, Bruce payed a Paige boy in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and was an original Little Rascal.

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