Friday, August 17, 2012

Destination D - 75 years of Animation - Roy E Disney

Roy E. Disney and the second golden age of Disney animation featured Tim O'Day, Roy Patrick Disney, Don Hahn, John Musker, Ron Clements, and Dave Bossert.
They began the panel by showing a five minute film made for Disney-MGM Studios featuring Mickey Mouse remembering how he got his start in Hollywood called Mickey's Audition.  It was full of cameos: Angela Landsbury, Mel Brooks, Dom Delouise, Ed Begley Jr., Michael Eisner, and Roy E. Disney as Walt.  Much of short we were seeing from the perspective of Mickey Mouse.  It was really fun to see this gem from 1992.
Roy E Dsiney started on the Disney lot working for NBC on Dragnet.  When that ended he had to seek out antoher position.  He went to work on the True Life Adventures.  One particularly funny moment involved Roy E explaining himself about the footage on Vanishing Priarie.  The camera man captured a scene where a duck landed unexpecedly on ice and went skidding.  Unfortunatly the camera man hit the wrong button and did not capture the scene's ending: the duck crashing into the others.  When Walt saw the footage, he imediatly asked where the end was.  After searching, Roy had to explain it didn't exsist.  Walt didn't accept that answer. So the film makers ended up going back out to a location, finding a duck, and well, went bowling!  Walt wanted that ending, and by golly, they got the footage.
Roy P Disney shared a lot of personal pictures during this session, and no photographs were allowed, but one photo showed him and his siblings standing where the castle was going to be built, when Florida was still a swamp.
Roy E Disney contributed so much to the company, and really brought about the second golden age of animation.  The decision to release classic films to home video was a difficult one, but it was finally agreed upon, with two notable exceptions.  Snow White and Fantasia were not to be released on home video per Roy's wishes.  Eventually he agreed to have these released in order to make the project Fantasia 2000.
Look for Dave Bossert's future book about Roy E. Disney.

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