Sunday, November 23, 2014

Finding Snow White in Magic Kingdom

With the recent changes in Fantasyland, Snow White has a whole new presence in the Magic Kingdom.  Of course, I'm talking about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!  I love this ride.  The imagineers did such a great job combining the fun of a roller coaster with the classic dark ride.

It is totally worth the wait!
This was the only picture I took on the attraction.  I recommend just enjoying the ride!
 Other than this headline attraction, where else can you find Snow White references?  
* The Emporium has classic Disney windows.  Be sure to check out the Snow White window.  
* If you visit Fairy Tale Hall in Fantasyland, be sure to find Snow White's portrait and book.  
* When watching wishes, listen for Snow White's wish.  
* At one time there was a photo op in exposition hall on main street, but I do not believe it is still there.

The last places to find Snow White is Sir Mickey's and the Emporium for...pennies!  

Penny in Sir Mickey's in Fantasyland

Quarter in the Emporium on Main Street

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