Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finding Snow White on the Disney Dream

A few weeks ago I took a magical trip on the Disney Dream!  The ship was much larger than the one Disney ship I've been on (the Wonder).  While I was exploring the ship I found a few Snow White nods that I was excited to find.
This art is found outside of the Bibbity Bobbity Boo Boutique.  I did notice the art changed on Pirate night.

This art can be found in the stairwell.  A good blogger would have noted which floor and which staircase the art can be found - sadly, this blogger was so excited to be on the ship, she did record any of that!  If you know it's location, please leave me a note!

I had a unique opportunity to play in the Oceaneers lab during our cruise and the hand washing station (which is awesome!) features mirrors inspired by Disney's most famous mirror.

The club also had art around the room in mirror frames.

The Royal Place had a lot of art featuring our favorite princess - I was impressed by how well she was represented.

These two pieces can be found in the hallway on the way to Animator's Palette restaurant.

Inside the restaurant there were so many different things to look at - I'm sure there were many things around I missed - but I did find this Grumpy on a serving station.
One of the stage shows- Villains tonight - featured the Queen - I caught it later on the stateroom TV.


 I wish I had more time to wander the ship.  There are so many magical touches all over.  One thing I was sad to learn was that the nightly chocolates no longer feature Sleepy!  Won't stop me from taking another cruise though!

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