Sunday, September 21, 2014

In the News This Week: Drawing Grumpy and Seven Dwarfs Ride Video

This week the Disney Park Blog has some great posts this week for us Snow White Fans. (Be sure to take a look at the banner art on the web page - right now they are all fall themed and one of them features great art from Snow White's Scary Adventure).

I'm thrilled to learn that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will now offer an on ride video for guests with magic bands and the memory makers package. I can't wait to see first hand how it works!  I will be posting all about it when I get back from my trip soon. 

Disney also posted a video from their learn to draw series that features...Grumpy!  I would love to see the dwarfs go into rotation at the Animation Academy attractions.

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  1. I wish they would have had the video cameras in place last May when I was there. Next time I guess. Looks like the video will make a nice "souvenir" for guests to take home the memories.

    Have fun on your trip to WDW. Looking forward to reading about your Mine Train review. :)