Sunday, September 14, 2014

Disney Mickey Mouse Season 1

Have you seen the newest Mickey Mouse cartoons? I hadn't until I picked up the season 1 DVD last week. These are terrific! I love the old school feel of the cartoons and the references to other characters.  For example, Cinderella, Belle, and Beast make cameos. But lesser known characters like Jose Carioca and Willie the Whale can be spotted too. The cartoons are set around the world and on the DVDs bonus feature the creators describe how they made sure the cartoons are not dialogue dependent. I really enjoyed these 30s inspired shorts.
The reason I bring it up here is that there is one Snow White reference. On the valentines day episode called Third Wheel, Goofy crashes Mickey and Minnie's date.  The background music in the romantic restaurant... Some Day My Prince Will Come.

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