Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finding Snow White at Mickey''s Halloween Party

This October I made the trip to Disneyland to check out Mickey's Halloween Party.  I attended on a Tuesday night early in the month, so it wasn't too crowded.  I entered the park earlier in the day and checked in for the party at a mobile station in Frontierland.  There, I was given a wrist band and a trick or treat bag.  There were four things that happen that are special to the Halloween party:

Trick or Treating
All over the park there are trick or treat stations.  The locations have the traditional candy (brand names like Reeses, Kit Kat, Whoppers...) along with some healthier option (apples, raisins, dried fruit...)

Character Meet and Greets
The park map shows that all around the park there are characters. I did see Jack Skellington's location in New Orleans Square and the princesses in the small world plaza.  I couldn't find the villain's location though (didn't really look that hard).

Well, parade is not the correct work - on the map, it's a cavalcade - it's got a few floats, but mostly it just characters walking around.  Many of the characters are in costume - Stitch as James Dean and the Country Bears as Ballerinas.  The Princesses (Snow White, Belle, and Tianna) were not in costume.

This was the thing I was looking forward to the most.  I remember one year, they did Halloween themed fireworks that was for anyone in the park that day and it included lasers to the music of Space Mountain as well as Haunted Mansion segments.  Well, this was not the fireworks shown.  Don't get me wrong, they were fun, loved the zero flying across the sky.  However, it wasn't as impressive as I was hoping.

So, what Snow White related things are there?  Basically, nothing special.  You can meet Snow White. She is in her traditional outfit but standing in front of a Halloween backdrop.  I don't know if the queen or hag were characters.  The park map indicated that you can meet villains - but does not list who.  Snow White was in the parade - just walking but I suspect she may not always be.  It is just a princess segment that can have whichever princesses are available.  Finally, you can hear the magic mirror at the very start of the fireworks.  And that's it for Snow White.  I think the Queen and Hag get better placement in the advertising for Halloween time.

Overall, it was fun.  I really enjoyed the creative costumes you saw all around the park.  I think it's a great event to come to with your kids for trick or treating.  Plus most of the attractions are open and the lines on attractions are short - there is so much else to do, sometimes the line for candy was longer than the lines for attractions.  For more information click here.

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