Sunday, December 14, 2014

Finding Snow White in Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World

Downtown Disney is undergoing a lot of change right now, but there are a lot of Snow White references throughout the area.

First stop is Disney's Days of Christmas where you will find on the seventh day of Christmas (of course) the dwarfs!

 In Once Upon a Toy, you will find the Wishing Well on a monopoly board behind a cash wrap

 In the Market Place Co-Op, the Beautifully Disney logo featuring the queen and Snow White is on the wall
 If you go into Guest Realtions, Snow White is on the wall with other sample photos
 Next stop is the World of Disney:
Villains Room

Princess Room
Princess Room

Some of the windows outside feature dresses made out of dolls (no Snow White) but look closely at the frame - yup- the mirror
 Outside the Lego store are a few of my favorite Lego displays...ever!

 In D- Street you can find the magic mirror on a vinylmation cutout.
 Disney's Candy Cauldron is just awesome!
Even with the signage, there is still a line to buy apples...

Speaking of candy, a walk back to where we started will get you to Goofy's Candy Company where you can find the periodic table of elements - Disney Style!  This is one of my favorites!

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