Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kevin and Jody in Pop!

Pop Comics in Anaheim is currently running a special gallery with the works of Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily .  If you are not familiar with these artists names, you are certainly familiar with their work!  Check out Kevin's blog, the Tumbler, and this article on Disney Parks Blog.

The Comic book shop is a really nice one and is located in a fun downtown area (right by a building owned by Disney too).  I took some pictures of some of the things on display when I was there.  (The displays will be changing as items sell).
I was so excited to see this prototype - I own one of the final pieces.

This was a great piece too - a replica of the sign outside the attraction the first few years at Disneyland.  The red dot meant it was sold.
 Here are a few more pictures - not Snow White related but very cool!

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