Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs updates for the month of August

I love to read about Disney - every evening I read many different websites that discuss all things Disney.  As I do, I often run across interesting articles related to Snow White.  So here it is, my first updates from the month of ... post!  I will provide a collection of links to different articles and sites that I found interesting this month.  Enjoy! (if you do enjoy, let me know in the comments and I will try to make this a regular post on my blog)

The OC Register had this article about the children of people who worked on Snow White - and yes, I considered trying to crash their dinner.  How wonderful that they have a tradition to get together!

National Coloring Book Day was in August and Disney Style had an article with coloring pages - including a great one of the Evil Queen.

Andreas Dejas wrote and article called "The Trouble with Cels" featuring some heartbreaking images of Disney cels that have deteriorated over time (including a Snow White one).

Filmic Light - Snow White Archive had a couple of items that peaked my interested this month including a toothpaste ad and a cast member belt buckle.

Disney style posted "13 Disney Things from Torrid you Don't Want to Miss" and I missed.  The seven dwarfs skirt is amazing...and sold out.

Also from Disney style is a collection of art from Artist Gabby Zapata that features a great Snow White inspired piece.

Davelandblog has some pictures from Disneyland in 1961 that include a Snow White operating the Snow White attraction!  Whaaa?

Next time you are in New Orleans be sure to stop by Storyland as featured in Davelandblog.  The Snow White cottage is so cute!  Wonder if one would fit in my backyard?

WDW fan zone posted about Target's new line of super cute and super comfy PJs - I love the dwarfs on the pants, but I didn't buy these pajamas - I actually am a morning person!

As you know if you ever read my blog or look at my instagram account, I have a tsum tsum problem and these new blind bag pins are going to be an issue for me - need the Evil Queen!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us to date 1937Fan! Had no idea about the children of people who worked on Snow White. :)