Sunday, September 4, 2016

Snow White Teachers Guide

Back in June, Jim Korkis wrote an article for Mouseplanet about a Snow White Appreciation Guide.  I was really curious to see what it looked like and I got lucky and found one that was for sale at a reasonable price.  So here it is!

The guide is broken into several sections
* A foreword by William F Bauer
* Part I: Background on the Brothers Grimm
* Part II: The appeal of the simple tale
* Part III: Why I chose Snow White
* Part IV: The animated interlude because the feature picture
* Miniature stills for notebook illustrations
* Part V: synopsis of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
* Part VI: The Pictorial Art of Disney
* Questions on Disney's art
* Questions on musical elements

Many of the pages include pictures or concept art drawings with questions like the one below.

I'm so glad to have found this item!  Being a teacher myself, the questions that are suggested to ask students are a little funny to me now, but it is fun to read!

I'm a fan of Jim Korkis's work - he has written some wonderful books that if you haven't read, you really should check out


  1. Very nice. Jim is great! And here's a 1939 Photoplay Studies booklet for French language classes. :)

    1. Nice! How fun to find it in French. I wonder if there were any other languages?