Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snow White Behind the Magic

Earlier this month ABC aired a special to promote the new Blu-ray release of Snow White.  If you didn't get to watch it it is on ABC news.

I watched the special and found myself slightly disappointed for a few reasons.  First, I thought that the special was great for people who don't know anything about the making of the film as it gave an overview of that time for the studios.  That being said, I felt that the film maker should have used more of the fantastic production art and left out the live action film sequences that really didn't match to the story.  Having been made by ABC it seems that they could have used more photographs and images from the archives as well.  Another cause of disappointment for me was the interviews.  I was hoping to hear more from those who were there by using the archival footage or talking more to those who were around the studio in those days.  My overall impression of the special was it was a way to get Once Upon a Time fans to purchase the Blu-ray.  For those who were looking for a less dramatized version of the making of the film, I would recommend reading The Fairest One of All by J.B. Kauffman or one of the other books on my top Snow White book list.

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