Sunday, August 30, 2015

WonderGround Gallery Artist Jackie Huang

I love the original art that appears in WonderGround Gallery.  Sometimes an artist's interpretation is so unexpected it is fascinating and other times I don't understand it at all.  One artist that I've been taken with is Jackie Huang.  I have several prints of hers and was thrilled to meet her at WonderCon this spring.  While I was talking with her, she mentioned that I should be sure to check out the gallery in August as she was doing some princess pieces.  Well, she did even better than that - check out her piece from the gallery!

The seven dwarfs!  It is hard to tell from my photo - but her work is all done by paper piecing - tiny pieces built on top of each other creating an amazing 3D piece.  Unfortunately the original had already sold by the time I got there, so I never did get to see it (or be faced with the decision to purchase it).  I did however get a chance to talk with her and have her sign a print and a postcard.  Her website has a much more detailed photo - be sure to check it out!

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