Sunday, April 12, 2015

Finding Snow White at WonderCon

Last weekend I spent a day checking out WonderCon in Anaheim and was surprised at how much Disney I found there.  I was excited to see a particular artist in the Artist alley but found many more things throughout the day.
I enjoy Amy Memberson's Pocket Princess comics immensely and was excited to meet her.  I was even more thrilled to purchase an original drawing.

Many of the artists had Disney inspired pop-art.  I also purchased a great Disney inspired print by Nidhi Channani.  Another WonderGround Gallery artist, and one of my favorites, was at WonderCon - I love Jackie Huang's work.  Her Good vs. Evil Queen and Hag astounds me.  I purchased a few cards and she let me know that she will be back at WonderGround with princess art in August.  Fingers crossed for some Snow White!

I also found some fun buttons from Fandom Flare and added this button to my collection:
One booth had all sorts of fun products from Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Store Japan.  I bought a Snow White inspired hair clip:

Of course, half the fun of one of these events is to see all the people dress up.  I saw a few Snow Whites - a traditional, a mash-up of some warrior and Snow, and my personal favorite, a tiny Snow White in a batman hat.
I can't wait to go back next year!


  1. Great finds 1937 Fan!

    I just perused the images in your collections looking for the DL Freshco SW soap box from the 90s. Do you happen to have a pic of the back of the box? Just checking. No worries if you don't.