Sunday, October 19, 2014

Finding Snow White at Walt Disney's Barn

It took me a long time, but I finally made the trip to Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California to see Walt Disney's Barn.  I was surprised to find so many things inside the barn, there is a lot to look at, and even two Snow White trinkets in the barn itself, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
Here is a photo tour of my day at the barn:

Be on the lookout for the sign. They are open the third Sunday of the month.

No cost, but they encourage donations

The barn is located at the back of the Los Angeles Live Steamers area.  You'll see people riding around during your visit.

You cross the tracks a few times to get into the beautiful park-like area.

There is the barn and the combine that they are restoring.

Gift Shop

Flag pole honoring Michale and Sharon Broggie

Even the trash cans look like ones you would find in the theme parks.

Photo of it's original location at Walt Disney's home

They had lots of things lying around the barn to look at. LOTS of things.

That sink has seen lots of work!

One of Walt's Hats

Walt Disney's railroad pass

Snow White sighting one - Happy on brochure for Disneyland

Firehouse five helmet

Ollie Johnston's Tool Box

Disney Legends Award

Roger Broggie's Tool Box

Quite the good crowd that day

A model that represents Walt's Live Steam Engine

Track plan for the Carolwood estate

Walt used a broom stick to make a place for his work overalls

Snow White sighting number two - on a toy train

Walt's Workbench

Walt used this phone to communicate between the barn and main house

They are working on restoring this combine from Disneyland

This was part of Ollie Johnson's garden layout

Side of the barn

other side

Weather vain

The back of the barn.

If your in the Los Angeles area on the third Sunday of the month, stop and check out Walt's Barn.  It's an interesting afternoon and there are often Disney legends that stop by.  The gift shop sells quite a few autographed books too.

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