Monday, April 27, 2020

Learning at Home: The Lion King

Where did the week go?  So sorry for missing posts last week!  Let's get back to learning with The Lion King.

Decor for day: Create your very own Pride Rock: The Lion King Pride Rock Art

Imagineering: Pixar in a Box: Patterns

Art: Create this night sky: The Lion King Foil Art

Math: I was always interested in the scene where Simba can’t wait to be king!  How much would that animal tower weigh?

Writing: What is your motto?  Pumba and Timon use Hanuka Matta.  What is yours and why?

Reading: The Lion King is one of the stories available on Read Along With Disney

Science: Timon, Pumba, and Simba discuss what the stars are.  Find out who was right!What Are Stars Made of?

History/Geography: Learn more about Kenya, where many of the animals can be found: Kenya

Bonus PE: Get working out with this The Lion King Workout

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