Sunday, April 19, 2020

Learning at Home: Aladdin

Decor for day: Make this 3D Jasmine to add to your princess collection: Princess Jasmine 3D Printable
Imagineering: Pixar in a Box: Effects

Art: What would your flying carpet look like?  Can you engineer it to fly?

Math: Look for treasure and work on your skills: Treasure Quest Hundreds Chart

Writing: Imagine you can borrow Carpet for the day.  Where are you going to go?

Reading: If you have Google Home, you can “Read Along with Disney” Read Along With Disney
Or read along with Jasmine: Jasmine's Story

Science: Let’s learn about Raja! Tiger

History/Geography: Learn about the Arabian Peninsula Arabian Peninsula - Kids

Bonus: Family Game!  Try this Genie-Inspired Magical Transformation Game

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