Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Learning at Home: Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

Well, I certainly have been neglectful of the blog during this last year, but in light of the current state of things and lots of newly found free time for me, I am planning on making sure to post more often.  

I am in education and find myself without a class to teach.  My favorite pastime, going to Disneyland, is also not an option.  It got me to thinking, what is out there that can support at home learning with a Disney twist?  Hence I will be starting a new series: At Home Learning. These are not meant to be a specific grade but rather more geared to the family who loves Disney who wants to spend some time together.  

The first topic is of course: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Decor for day: Disney Family website has so many wonderful things on it. I thought this adorable whistle While You Work Sign is the cutest idea to hang in your 'homeschool' area to remind yourself and the kiddos that learning is fun!

Imagineering: Exercise 1: Your own land. This amazing resource from Khan academy and Disney looks like it will be so much fun! I think the adults will have a blast participating as well.

Art: I love this 3D paper craft of Snow White. It can be frustrating to put together with all the folds and glue, probably best for older kids.

Math: This recipe from Disney Family website looks like so much fun. Pie making lends itself to so much math: measurements - figuring out diameter, where to best cut dough to fit the most circles, creating a template, and fractions (for example, don't use the correct size measuring cups - have kids use other sizes that have to add up to amount).

Writing: This wacky Evil Queen Mother's Day card?!? is perfect for kids to write a card to their mom:

Reading: Read or listen to the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Science: I love Wonderopolis. While this isn't Disney, it has great articles and with the whole - spoiler alert - poison apple plot twist in Snow White - this might be fun to check out.

Engineering: Can your design an instrument to play with the Silly Song?

Of course, I would end the day with a family viewing of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

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