Thursday, March 19, 2020

Learning at Home: Pinocchio

Disney's second animated feature was Pinocchio.  Does anyone else love the attraction at Disneyland where the Blue Fairy appears?  I always want that moment to last a bit longer.  Here are some things you can do at home with the Disney twist!

Decor for day: Add this Wish Upon a Star Garland to your designated ‘At Home Learning’ space. Sure to add some sparkle!

Imagineering: I'm pretty sure us adults are going to be having just as much fun as the kids.

Art/Crafts: Of course we have to make a puppet! I would even make more characters and put on a show!

Math: Disney Family has this idea to have a Pinocchio Pizza party.  What if he did have one? Which Disney friends would he invite? How much pizza is needed?  How much would it cost if you ordered from all sorts of different pizza places?  What if there was a 10% off discount?

Writing: What would happen if the Blue Fairy came to visit you?  What wish would she grant you?

Reading: Has your child ever used Epic?  It is a great online library! Right now it is free to use as long as your child’s teacher sets up an account. It has a version of Pinocchio and after reading and watching the movie, your child could write a compare and contrast between the two versions.

Science: I don’t know about you, but the plot point that always bothered me as a child was how do they survive being eaten by a whale?  It’s a great time to learn about whales:

Engineering: Can you design a raft for Pinocchio to use? Fill the tub with water and test it out!

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