Sunday, September 16, 2018

That's From Disneyland Auction

That's From Disneyland was a pop-up exhibit that promoted the Van-Eaton Gallery auction.  It was an amazingly well done exhibit that was a lot of fun to see!  So here is a wrap up on the prices that went the Snow White items went for;

These Disneyland Gloves have Happy and Bashful on them.  They were valued around 100 and went for $700
I really wanted this one!  The Parking sign was valued at 400 and went for $6,500

Valued at 5,000 this ride car went for 30,000

This model of the transformation scene was valued at 5,000 and went for $2,500.  What a steal!
This Melty Snow White (it was damaged in storage) was a trending picture online.  Valued at 400 it went for $12,000.

The Hag was valued at 600 and went for $3,200

This little sign was on my shopping list (well, my dream shopping list) valued at 800, it went for $22,500.  Whaaaa?

These two Disneykins postcards were valued at 200 and went for $700
There were also two drawings that went for 2,350 and 3,250.  One was a brownline sketch of the attraction and the other was concept art of the ride car.

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