Saturday, December 23, 2017

Harvey's x Snow White Release

Last Saturday I drove to Santa Ana to Harvey's flagship location for the Snow White release!  I was very impressed with how organized the event was and there wasn't a very long wait at all.  The staff was so kind and many of them were Disneybounding as Snow White - so cute!

The shop window looked so cute with the Snow White logo

The red handkerchief was the gift with purchase.  The Dopey backpack is one of the wonderful new pieces.  They also brought back the poison apple bag from the Villains line for this release.

Love, Love, Love this print!  The small one is a zippered pouch and the large gym bag style tote is the best!
I thought I was going to be picking up this purse and wallet, but I ended up falling for some of the other pieces.  All three of the Snow White pieces are lined in adorable dwarf print!

Limited edition pins - each cost $12.  Behind the pins is the Snow White book - but it's actually a cross body bag!
My purchases - the gym bag and the book tote.  (underneath those are the pins, of course!)

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