Sunday, October 15, 2017

Downtown Disney Snow White Merch

I went to Downtown Disney earlier this month and found a few fun Halloween treats and some cute merchandise.
This is why I went to Downtown Disney.  This year's Disney Visa card pin is an adorable Snow White dancing pin - it actually moves!

This extra thick lanyard with the evil queen is great!

This picture is hard to see, but the Dopey is adorable!

This was my favorite find of the day - I love the blue bird necklace!  I should have asked how much it was, but then it would have come home with me.

Love this graphic!  Did not love those sleeves.

It is so wonderful to see merchandise in the concept art style, but what is with the knot on the bottom? (yes, it's part of the design)

Again, I don't understand the lacing on the side...what happened to regular t-shirts?

Love this purse!  So fabulous!

The evil queen apple is back!

A poison apple, apple...not sure about this one.  May be to literal for me.

The apple cake pop is more my speed.

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