Sunday, May 15, 2016

Disney Bound Style Snow White clothes

Earlier this year Disney released the Shop Disney Park App.  I've become a fan of shopping on the app.  They run free shipping specials often and it is great to get park merchandise without having to make the trip.  While recently browsing I saw these items to put together a great Disney bound style look.

I really like the items, but am not a fan of purchasing clothes on-line.  So I purchased the purse and the Snow White ears.  I was so excited to see official Snow White ears!  I have made my own (read about how here), but what could be better than Disney's?

The purse is great.  It is really cute and the the details are great.

The Shop Disney App did not state that the Snow White ears are actually children's sized.  In addition, it really is a baby blue and pink - not royal blue and red.  So overall, I'm very disappointed with them.
The color of the official ears to the ones I made.
Says youth right there on the tag - that really should be stated in the app

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