Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mickey Monthly Snack Box

Today's post has nothing to do with Snow White, but it is definitely Disney related!  I love getting mail, but so often it is just boring junk mail and lots of evil bills.  SO, I am thrilled to have received my first Mickey Monthly Box!  I have gotten on the subscription box wagon and signed up for a snack only box.  While I live in Southern California, I don't make it to Disneyland as much as I would like (and with passes on the rise, it looks like it will go back to a once a year trip for me).  Anyway, I saw this box and thought it was perfect for me!
Here is the description of the box I signed up for:
"Monthly snacks and treats from Disney World, automatically delivered directly to your door, every month.  We hand-pick each package from a large selections of WDW treats you can only get from your favorite vacation destination (until now)."

I lucked out and signed up in the month of September when they were running a special: a free Tsum Tsum and a Mickey rice crispy treat!  My package level includes two to three treats each here is what I got:
What a great box to open!  Those sour balls are one of my favorite of all time!  I miss the green only bag - but red is my second favorite color!

So I got four treats this month: Rock candy, Sour cherry balls, shortbread cookies, and, my favorite, the Donald Halloween bag with sour gummy pumpkins!  And check out the Ursula Tsum Tsum.

Overall, I am excited about receiving this box each month!  When I signed up, I wasn't sure if I would continue to the subscription.  But after opening my box and seeing all the goodies, I think I will keep the subscription for the time being.

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