Sunday, August 3, 2014

Do you Pinterest?

I love pinterest!  It has inspired me in so many ways (see last weeks crafty post) and it has made me aware of so many more things I need for my collection!  I've become completely addicted.  I heard recently on the radio that someone did a study that people, after an extended time frame on Facebook, actually felt sad.  Something to do with they realized the amount of time they wasted on reading posts and what not.  But Pinterest makes me feel more organized and I love that I find new blogs to follow all the time from pins.  Plus, if I ever decided to run a Disney marathon, I have a whole board of Snow White inspired running outfits!  Awesome!  My favorite board I've started is my Snow White production sketches, there is so much great artwork with this film.  Check out my boards and follow away!

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