Thursday, November 25, 2010

Destination D: Day One Part One

Destination D was held September 24 and 25 2010 at the Disneyland Hotel.  Registration began on Thursday and much to my surprise there was no wait.  The registration packet included a schedule of events, a D23 fan (the same one being handed out at the DVC booths) and a set of 23 (of course) Disneyland vintage postcards.  Merchandise was available for sale including the full set of Epcot patches, scavenger hunt water bottle, and Destination D patch.
The event began with a welcome from Steven Clark, head of D23.  They showed some 'advertising' posters that didn't make it.  (Many of these posters were shown at the WDW 1st anniversary party).  It was also announced that Destination D's next stop will be WDW this spring for the 40th anniversary followed by a two day WDW scavenger hunt.  D23 also announced that this November they would add a second weekly podcast - this one called the Armchair Archivist: a weekly look into the Disney Archives.

The next session was Weird Disney with Becky Cline and Paul Anderson.  We were treated to pictures of various odd moments in Disney history:

Early on Mickey Mouse Club's were run by theater owners, not Disney, hence a Mickey Mouse Parade

One theater's Minnie Mouse
A Silly Symphonies Show featuring characters from flowers and trees and skeleton dance

When Pinocchio came to this theater men were hired to put on Pinocchio costumes to wave at patrons as they walked by.  But someone forgot to bring the men up some lunch so they took matters into their own hands.  The men got a liquid 'lunch' and played a 'spirited' game of cards - so spirited that the police had to be called to take the men away (after putting them in pillow cases to cover their indecency)

Minnie at the main switch board - that building is still there at Disneyland, although used for a different purpose now.

While they look like custodial staff, the men are there to provide a refreshing drink to guests (If I remember right it was Pepsi vs. Coke sampling)

Yup- that's a clown

Working on a house project?  Go to Disneyland and order your aluminum siding or Dutch boy paint!

Turning on the fountain at the Krane bathroom of tomorrow.

Fishing on Tom Sawyer's Island.  And, es, you got to keep the fish.  Interesting idea, carrying around a dead fish all day.  Although some guests gave up and left them for custodial staff in very creative places.

Ladies undergarments on Main Street

Piano teachers day on Main Street

A lovely traditional Victorian Christmas....with a space man?

(I had every intention of publishing this article sooner - but time flies!  More to come...)

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