Sunday, January 27, 2019

Snow White News and Updates

Happy 2019! It has been awhile since I have posted! As the addage goes...where does time go?

Here are some interesting Snow White related articles:

Did you read the story about the woman who was reunited with Snow White?

One of Disney's Golden Age artists has passed away.

Planning a trip to Hollywood?  Be sure to see all these spots on the tour.

Remember the year Snow White was on the Oscars?  Read about how that all went down.

Check out the Gemstone Mining Game is really fun!

Meet Snow White's new voice in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

What US States picked Snow White as their favorite princess?

This Snow White animator's home just recently sold.  A little out of my price range.

Another Make-up company released a Snow White line.

This would have been an interesting talk to attend.

Over the holidays there was some fun merchandise released including this pin, charms, and these ornaments.

Have you been to the Snow White character dinner in Walt Disney World?

Read about Ruthie Thompson, the 108 year old Disney legend.

Huffington Post has some old-school pictures of Disneyland that include the original ride cars in Snow White's adventure.

Insider has a picture of Elizabeth Taylor riding Snow White's Adventure in it's early days.

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