Sunday, March 2, 2014

The worst Oscar opening number...featuring: Snow White!

In honor of tonight's Oscar broadcast, let's look back at a less glamours Oscar moment.  One that involved our beloved Snow White, Merv Griffin, Rob Lowe, and a rendition of Proud Mary.
In Jim Korkis "The vault of Walt voume 2," (pick one up today!) he pays tribute to seven of the real life women who have been part of the elite group of women who have been Snow White.  But elite might be pushing it for poor Eileen Bowman.  In 1989 the Academy Awards opening number she was cast as Snow White.  Watch it below, if you dare:

Needless to say, it wasn't good.  It wasn't even bad.  It was just terrible.  And to make matters worse, the writers of the show did not obtain the permissions needed and were sued by Walt Disney Company.  The lawsuit was dropped after the Academy apologized publicly.  Billy Crystal couldn't resist another jab at the horrific number the following year:

To read more about this 'it's so bad, you can't look away, moment' see the Hollywood Reporter article, NY post article, or watch the OMG Yahoo video.

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