Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finding Snow White at the D23 Expo 2013

My goodness this blog post is late!  I'm sure everyone has read all about the D23 expo, so I will keep this post focused on our girl.

There wasn't much Snow White related at the expo this year.  There was no expo exclusive merchandise with Snow White for sale: my pocket book was quite happy, but the collector in me was quite grumpy.  There was, however, one button featuring Happy and Grumpy that was given out after the Legends ceremony.  There were other characters featured on these variety of these buttons handed out, but check out the boys on Pin Pics (#97810).  In the Mickey's of Glendale, guests had an opportunity to purchase pin sets (LE 2000) from Walt Disney Imagineering featuring the New Fantasyland construction fence art for the Seven Dwarf Mine Train attraction.  There were five of them for sale, check them out on Pin Pics (#98393-98397).

I did snap a few photos of Snow White items around the show floor and in a few presentations:
Hallmark had this snow globe on display

This sculpture was part of the silent auction

Color mock up in Journey into Imagineering of Carthay Circle

Explanation of the sculptures below

The real sculptures

Snow White's grotto in Disneyland

Part of the Disney Animated iPad app
Archives exhibit Snow White gown for Harrods designed by Oscar delaRenta

Disney Store display
 And that was about it!  I'm not confident that I found every Snow White reference in the expo this year, so if you know I missed one, I'd be glad to hear!

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